Merry Christmas!

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    So we worked through another season we call "peak". After 24 years of doing that I have to think that by now I know how to deal with the long hours, the stress of missing dinners, kids' programs, and for me missing the spiritual preparation that goes with my faith. After reading many posts about grievances, bad management, greedy execs, and the other business of working at UPS. I encourage everyone to take a breath and see the "miracle". Look at the many things we have and often take for granted. And if you are so inclined get down on your knees and thank the Creator for everything. So I sit here on Christmas morning amazed my body endured and thank God for everything. Have a Peaceful and Joyfilled season after "peak". BBM
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    merry christmas everybody, hope i helped make peak easier on you guys!
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    Praise be to Jesus........ He's the reason for the season.
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    merry christmas upsers thanks for performing another christmas miracle.
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    Thankyou for sharing us Christmas through your eyes. For me, it's a time to ponder what I have rather than what I don't have. Merry Christmas to all!!!
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    Merry Christmas to all and a strong hope for a better 2011 for the many people that do not have jobs to complain about.
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    God is great we are truly blessed. Thanks to everyone on this forum and Merry Christmas.
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    Merry Christmas to all of you. And especially your families. It's "peak" for them also. It takes a toll on them as well. The long hours, the missed family activities, the mood we are in when we leave & get home after another long day. When you know tomorrow will be even busier. It's tough on feeder families too. Longer hours, longer trips, shorter or split sleep schedules, etc. I get a text every night from my son telling me to be safe. He & my wife know the dangers of driving 600 miles each night. Most people can't stay awake all night, much less navigate 80,000 pounds with 1,2,or 3 trailers down the road safely. But that is what we do.

    I know how tough it is, this was my 26th peak. 20 of them were in pkg. car. Funny how looking back some of the worst ones, are the ones you reflect on the most. The bad weather ones, the goofy helpers, the ones with insurmountable stop counts. It leaves you with a good feeling somehow. One of pride and accomplishment. Knowing you did something few others could do, or even understand doing. And that's the thing, we do it because of who we are. We do it right even when no ones watching. Our work ethic is second to none in any industry. You all should be very proud of who you are, and what you do each day at UPS. I know that I am. MERRY CHRISTMAS.
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    Amen to that. Well said outta hours. Merry Christmas
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    Amen Brother ... hopefully those wanting to work will get some opportunities in 2011.

    Amen Outta and well said. My peaks lately are nothing like most the posters on here but my wife and daughter still remember the "good old days" and mention the same things you brought out.
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    Jesse Jackson: “Christmas Should Be a Poor People’s Holy Day”…

    Shouldn’t a supposed reverend know it’s a day for Christians to celebrate the birth of Christ?
    Via The Blaze:
    Jesse Jackson isn’t a stranger to gaining attention for uttering bizarre comments and confusing platitudes. The reverend, who has also made two runs for the American presidency, served as President Bill Clinton’s spiritual adviser, and made a name for himself as a human rights activist, is gaining attention for some very odd comments he made about Christmas.

    On the Rainbow PUSH Saturday Morning Forum this weekend, Jackson decided to take on “non-christian” merchants who he says have tried — in the past — to “lure” people into “Santa Claus’ birthday party.” Below, find the full text of his message (via Newsbusters):
    This (Christmas) is a holy day for the poor, not a holiday for the merchants. I once heard some people that I know say that when Christmas Eve is over, they have midnight services in the back of their shops. These were non-Christian people I was, they say we, say every December 24th around midnight we have, we close our shops and we’re not Christian but we start singing “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.”

    We use Jesus to lure you into Santa Claus’s birthday party and unless you have the holiday spirit, which is his songs, his wine, and his stuff you’re not welcome at the party of the man whose party it is. This is, Christmas should be a poor people’s holy day.
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    Jesus is the reason for the season.
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    Cheryl, we have a problem here. Someone is posting for me. How is that possible? And what is a "registered user"?
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    I still want to know why everyone has "Array" under their choice of phrasing in The registered user field. Look at the pic in share a photo.
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    The only place I see "array" is in that photo. :dont_know:
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    Its still there. Should I blame Tie for this, too?? :rofl: :rofl:
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    I'm done !! All gifts have been shipped or hand delivered and cards mailed. I can just people-watch as they race around to complete their tasks. This is the fun part! :happy-very: