Mgmt Retirement Age Change


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The rumor mill seems to be churning about an increase to the management retirement age. Anyone else hearing anything?
Not sure you can arbitrarily do that for people that are already on a particular grandfathered plan. I think it would have to be for new hires moving forward or something.
Besides there is really no more retirement/pension plan at UPS for management anymore, its just a plain ole 401k, so you can leave anytime you want, and take your 401k with you, and are simply subject to the regular tax laws when you can take 401k withdraws. Staying or leaving does not change those eligible 401k withdraw dates, they are laws.


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It's also about the MIP stock you leave on the table in the form of Restricted Performance Units (RPU's). If you leave before "retirement age" they keep possibly 5 years of what was awarded. Plus the Medical. Pretty cheesy.
I wish my old C.M. lost everything right before he retired. Nothing would satisfy me like seeing that POS crash and burn all the way from the top of his ivory tower and wallow in well-deserved misery. If only I could then see him crawling on the sidewalk begging for change so I could kick all the coins out of his cup.