Michael Jackson....On a lighter note!

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    Farrah Fawcett dies and goes to Heaven. Upon entering the pearly gates, God tells her that since she has lived such a good life, giving to charitable causes, women's rights and such, He wants to give her something special. Farrah, not wanting to be self serving says, God, I just want you to take care of all the children back on earth. Please keep all of the children safe.

    Michael Jackson RIP 1958-2009:surprised:

    Anybody else heard any good ones?
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    Since with all the plastic surgery, they have decided to melt down Michael and make legos out of him so kids can play with him for a change.
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    I never liked Michael Jackson. I can't recall a single song that I liked at the moment but I'm sure there was maybe one. He was an incredibly strange individual. A freak to say the least. I'll be glad when this dies down. I was starting to get used to him being out of site and out of mind but his death has all but taken over the news.
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    Okay, that's funny.
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    I always liked the jackon five stuff: Momma's Pearl, I'll be there, Stop the love you save, etc. I never liked his latter stuff, but was certainly exposed to it. I remember my brother liked his stuff and had his solo stuff. On one albulm(maybe his first solo one that he did as a grown up) he had an afro, dark skin, and a big nose. on later albums, the hair was straight, the nose was smaller and pointed, and his skin was whiter. Oh, well it is what it is. Rest in Peace, Michael.
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    The results from the second autopsy are in. they found the other glove.

    MJ's last words. " please take me to the children's hospital.
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    Michael Jackson had a heart attack when he found out that Boys II Men was a music group and not a delivery service.
  10. rod

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    Michael had a degree from BYU-----Bring'em Young U

    And then there was the sick joke about the special Michael Jackson burger--------*********:sick:
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    the fact that it was edited by a moderator makes the joke (which I don't get because the punchline is gone) probably funnier than or as funny as the the joke might have been. I don't know why.
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    Perhaps Rod could PM it to anyone who requests it?
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    I could do that:happy2:
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    Well I'm requesting!
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    Okay , rod, I'll bite as well, send me the punchline. (maybe it will seem more funny with the "I'll bite" remark.)
  16. soberups

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    Autopsy results are in. Cause of death; food poisoning from eating a ******.
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    I have mixed feelings on this one.

    I still identify with the younger Michael jackson that wowed us as part of the jackson five and then evolved into the genius behind thriller.

    What he became later in life was so bizarre and so sad. So many of us wish for the fame and wealth his life brought without really looking at how it has destroyed so many lives.
  18. soberups

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    Michaels problem was that there was never anyone in his life who would call him on his B.S. or tell him..."NO".

    Everybody needs limits and boundaries. Everyone needs other peoples input to help them stay balanced.

    When you have unlimited fame and wealth, everyone wants a piece of it so you become surrounded by syncophants who tell you what you want to hear rather than what you need to hear. They have their own best interests at heart rather than yours.
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    According to Deepak Chopra in an interview this morning, Michael asked him for a prescription for Oxycotin for his back pain. Chopra told him he didn't need a narcotic for back pain.......so he at least refused Michael's request.
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    The only lighter note about MJ was him lighten his skin pigment. Besides his on stage presence, everything else about him was dark and bizzare. From his Neverland "Pedophilia" Ranch to hanging babies over balcony railings, to self mutilating surgeries, to wearing pajamas to court, and the list goes on....this story is growing legs and has only begun....hang on, and keep your arms and legs in the vehicle...