Michael L Eskew, CEO Of United Parcel Service, Earned $1.2 mil In Total Comp

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    my friends father was ceo of first va bank he got 3 million 1.2 is low for size of the company but i could live nicely on it
  3. contacting Mr. Eskew

    I'd like to contact Mr. Eskew personally to tell him of the gross inadequacies experienced with the Van Nuys Brown Unit - not following set corporate delivery procedures, not being able to secure your package, getting wrong directions to the UPS facility - "looked like a kindergarten playroom" according to my source - BUT - UPS does not post any phone number in which to contact a LIVE person with intelligence to perhaps correct a situation. For a CEO that wants to bring such wonderful chagnes to UPS - a package actually delivered would be quite a novel approach to business.
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