Michael L Eskew, CEO Of United Parcel Service, Earned $1.2 mil In Total Comp

my friends father was ceo of first va bank he got 3 million 1.2 is low for size of the company but i could live nicely on it

Past UPS customer

contacting Mr. Eskew

I'd like to contact Mr. Eskew personally to tell him of the gross inadequacies experienced with the Van Nuys Brown Unit - not following set corporate delivery procedures, not being able to secure your package, getting wrong directions to the UPS facility - "looked like a kindergarten playroom" according to my source - BUT - UPS does not post any phone number in which to contact a LIVE person with intelligence to perhaps correct a situation. For a CEO that wants to bring such wonderful chagnes to UPS - a package actually delivered would be quite a novel approach to business.
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