Micromanaging brought to a new level!!!!!!!!!!

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    After my safety ride with my sup who is a real nice guy, he pointed out what I did wrong. Lot's of little bull type stuff. The best one though was when he told me that I was not drinking enough water and he marked me off for this. It was 55 degrees outside and I had a light day. I didn't break a sweat and I did grab a few drinks at a few office coolers. I HOPE I GET A WARNING LETTER FOR THIS. LMFAO I wonder what will be next? Not blinking enough? He also let me know I had 163 missed pieces last year. This is how clueless management is and what they worry about.
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    Keeping hydrated helps keep fluids in joints, muscles, and ligaments which helps prevent injuries...

    You would be surprised you can get dehydrated in the winter. Temp is just one factor and determine how much water you need to drink....
  3. Brownslave688

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    Yeah and each body is different what's enough for one person is too little or way too much for another. We are the best in the business we get paid more than anyone we can't make mistakes because we are "professionals". Ok then why treat us like toddlers?
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    I did not know whether to start a new thread with this or not but it does pertain to hydrating oneself.

    This week management has been on the distracted driving theme. We were given a checklist of potential distractions that were in our cab....(such as phones, bluetooths, food and beverages, radios and i-pods). We were told to pay attention to these items and the distractions that they could cause.

    Today....we were told that we could not have any beverages or food in the cab. We would have to keep them in the cargo area.

    Now....my issue with this is....UPS tells us to hydrate ourselves. It is convenient when you are stopped in traffic to take a swig of water when it is right there in your cupholder that is integrated right into the design of the vehicle. The water or beverage is easily within reach and a subtle reminder...Hey...I need a drink. I don't even need to move my eyes from what is going on around me to hydrate myself.

    Quite honestly.....the whole 10 point commentary and the 5 seeing habits are more of a daily distraction than hydrating myself or snacking on a cracker or 2.

    Will it ever cease?
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    I guess there will be people waiting at stop lights, if I am driving ahead of them.
  6. Cementups

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    You're lucky to have this job.......drink your water!!!!
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    Drink tons of water next time. Then stop at every bathroom on the route.
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    163missed pieces??? Misloads send agains business expenses
  9. thessalonian13

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    The reason I had 163 missed pieces last year is because my truck is parked in between 2 trucks whose routes are about 15 miles away from my route. God forbid they should park all trucks from the same town next to each other like they used to. That would make too much sense. I told my managers many times that they would almost never have another missed piece if they did this and their response is that they CAN'T do this. I am dumfounded by this.
  10. Bubblehead

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    The preload lineup is based on pieces per car, rather than common sense.
    My point,...you're absolutely correct in being dumbfounded.
  11. Cementups

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    Our preload lineup is all get up in order by routes. I'm parked to my neighbor, who is parked next to his neighbor and so on....
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    Congrats...You had a successful safety ride.. If all they got you for is hydration, you are doing the job very well...Mgt is instructed to get you on something because no one is without total error...Furthermore, I wouldn't worry about the ride 1 bit...Just keep driving safe!
  13. menotyou

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    Ours was like that. Was. :(
  14. splozi

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    If they line them up by piece count, they are doing an awful job. I had 650 pieces in preload today; the guy next to me had 1050.
  15. menotyou

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    Considering UPS never knows when I am going to order from QVC, it isn't the easiest of tasks to even out the piece counts for loaders. Help your neighbor. ;)
  16. splozi

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    I do on a daily basis. But mostly because if I stand around, I will be hearing the majestic voice of the preload manager bellowing atop his podium.
  17. menotyou

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    They have a podium?????? OMG, talk about a God complex!
  18. splozi

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    Well, by podium I mean the walkway at the top of the stairs where the bathrooms are at. He likes to hang out up there because of the fresh bathroom air.

    ...and because the lights above our sorting areas blind us in such a way where it becomes difficult to see if anybody is up there watching us.
    Sups do their safety observations from up there as well.
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    Just join my club the " I hate my job club ! " Glad to have a good job , but just let me do my job , stop screwing with me and let me go HOME !! Why do they KEEP messing with " GOOD " drivers ? No problems much all year , but the watch you like your just got out of jail , for killing someone ! I HATE MY JOB !! 20 + yr driver !!!
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