Midnight hub shift and driving

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    If I work my part-time midnight hub shift, which is normally 11pm-3am and asked to cover a full time route 5-1/2 hours later, will I be violating the 14 hour on duty rule if I go over 9.5? Is there anyone out there doing this as a cover driver? That FMCSA guide is confusing as heck. Been requesting a shift change so this wouldn't be an issue.
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    It's not a violation until you work past 13:00 (1:00 PM) the next day. Example. If you started your hub shift, Monday night at 11:00 PM, punched out at 3:00 AM Tuesday and then came back for a driver start time of 9:00AM on Tuesday , then you can't drive past the 14th hour, which would be 13:00 (1:00 PM) on Tuesday. That would be 14 hours from your 11PM start time the previous night. You only had 6 consecutive hours off from 3:00AM until 9:00 AM.
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    I believe this is your violation of the Hours of Service (HOS) regulations. Requirement is 10 hours off duty. A feeder driver or feeder management should be well versed in these rules. Or check with the appropriate state agencies. For example, in Illinois this falls under the jurisdiction of the Illinois State Police and the Illinois Department of Transportation.
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    You need 10 hours off duty to start a new 14 hour duty clock. Since you do not have 10 hours between your midnight shift and driving, the 11p start time starts your duty clock.

    So you cannot work a 9.5 hour route if you work the midnight shift.
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    Putting aside the DOT regulations--who would want to?
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    Another way to look at it.....

    If you work at 9a your duty clock is done 14 hours later, 11p.
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    The OP.
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    Thanks for everyone for clearing this up for me.
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    I concur with PhatAzz.
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    This example is assuming you had 10 consecutive hours off duty before your 11:00 PM Hub start time, too.