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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by brown_trousers, May 31, 2013.

  1. brown_trousers

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    I was pretty disgruntled with all the rumors of the TA, and was pretty set on voting no, but now after recieving a contract "summary" and pension statement. It doesnt look all bad. Even the part-time medical didnt look all that bad.

    The only concession I found on the medical was a deductible of about $100, the medical is now covered by teamsters, but UPS still kicks in coverage where the teamsters plan falls short. So in the end, coverage is only slightly more expensive.

    I am very happy about not having split raises! And although the part-time pension looks kinda anemic in the NMA, I just recieved my pension statement from west-coast and it looks like the pension is actually better that what the NMA shows.

    Before I cast my ballot.... is there anything else I should be considering? It really doesnt seem as horrible as I thought it would be!
  2. stink219

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    Because you used rational thought to come to your decision.
  3. RocknSteady

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    how about this....this company is reporting RECORD PROFITS......and they wanna give us these tiny lil raises...that
    are not crap as far as cost of living goes....(the price of gas nation wide is around $3.65 on avg!!!!) We deserve to be paid for busting our tails for this company. not a b$ proposal/ta/contract.
    AND the health care cost's...WILL INCREASE EVERY YEAR...this is something they don't wanna tell you!
    How' that's for your "rational thought" stink. How about paying $0 deductible....
    Would you rather pay $0 deductible?.......or would you rather pay $100 deductible and see that INCREASE EVERY YEAR?...just think about that.Remember this RECORD PROFIT$
  4. RocknSteady

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    btw...I am a NO VOTE!!!....now there is your rational thought.
  5. brownmonster

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    Says another 9 post wonder. Are you guys all the same people under different names?
  6. RealPerson

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    UPS covers the rest is like saying go ask Mom for the money, and mom says go ask dad.
    I find this a slippery slope and the next contract will be UPS wont cover that anymore, and or didn't someone say the details are not even set in stone yet and the Union can change things at anytime.. To Much Grey area....

    Also what doesn't make since.. If 150K people are being put into central states, why is the current peoples insurance not getting better?
    I would think adding 150K people as bargaining, you could get better coverage?

    Other things .. Starting Wage is Stupid Low.
    No Catch up raises for current part time.

    To many IF's in the 22.3 language.
    4 Year Progression
    last 2 years have split raises. -- We USE to get our full raises after we worked a Year....

    Simple terms --- UPS had Record Profits and the Future Looks Bright for them. We have a Below average Contract.. Did YOU do below average work, or did you break your back making them Record Profits???
  7. quamba 638

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    Good thing you clarified, I could have sworn from your previous post you were a YES vote.
  8. Evil

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  9. quamba 638

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    I agree the starting wage for part time is a joke. The raises are pretty damn good though.. It's an average of .78 cents a year. Especially considering how much they will let you earn.

    My other job (full time) is capped at 19 dollars an hour. Then you just get cost of living after that amount. I will be at 21 dollars an hour at UPS after this contract if I remain PT...but I'm here for the insurance.

    I can see things both ways. Yeah, upset they want us to pay now, that's why I'm voting NO.

    But also, is it fair that the FT had to pay all this time and we didn't?
  10. East coast navy

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    Their is a lot of stuff in the med care that they are not telling us. Like if you are over weight and need a knee replacement you are SOL. If you have you or family member on the plan that has cancer and needs chemo. You have to pay 10%. Which is $2000 a month. If your child is not in school and living in your household (From 19 to 26 the will not be covered. That one might be a good thing or not.) the list goes on. This plan as a lot of problems with the terms. And don't listen to the yes voters. 90% of them are in their own plans. FOR NOW!! VOTE NO on this one. This plan is going to be worse then what obamacare is butting us through. We don't have to pay weekly but looks like we will be buying a lot of aspirin.
  11. brown_trousers

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    Actually we have had split raises for the last 4 years, so that part looks nice. Starting wage is $10, although I would have liked to recieve a bump in my wages also.

    As far as UPS covering the remainder of the medical. If we dont think UPS will honor a contractual agreement, there's really no point in negotiating anything at all.

    In the end, we all have to vote for what we think is best. I cant risk missing a mortgage payment due to a strike or decreased volume, and I cant afford to feed my family if we go on strike or lose enough volume that I get laid off.

    After crunching the numbers for my situation, I wont be losing money with this new contract, but I wont be gaining much either. Id say we are about breaking even on this new contract
  12. brown_trousers

    brown_trousers Active Member

    Could you please elaborate on these coverage issues. I thought I had read through my medical plan pretty well, but if there is more to it... please refer to me to where I can find this info.
  13. The Other Side

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    You said "no split raises" .. really? Who advised you ? STINK?

    The 4th and 5th year are split raises. The two biggest portions of the raise are split costing you big dollars if you are fulltime.

    Did you miss that part? Health insurance costing us money is a concession. Did you miss the part of the agreement that says the Central States Teamcare plan can "CHANGE EMPLOYEE BENEFITS at any time"

    Just like the "enhancement" that was at the last minute to entice people like you, once the ink is dry, that enhancement will be a downgrade BACK to the normal TEAMCARE coverage and there will be NOTHING we can do about it!

    One sentence in the MOU could wipe you out if anyone got seriously ill in your family.

    You will miss more than ONE MORTGAGE Payment if that happens.

    You want rational thinking? Think about that.


  14. RealPerson

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    I have been with UPS almost 19 years. Yes the LAST contract was split raises, and it was total BS... Normal jobs you work a Year and get a raise... Guess it depends on the contract you came in on.

    UPS should ALWAYS have a starting pay Double Min wage. We do twice the amount of work in 3.5 hours than most jobs.
    I guess you never had to play who paid who what amount with the great insurance we have already. If not, you would not understand, that they want money up front, and YOU have to go chase who pays who or it goes on your credit. Adding another party to figure out who pays who what amount, what limits, during what time frame, so on and so on.. I hope you get my point...

    Starting wage is only $.50 more at the end of the first Year.... Total Crap... No wonder they can't keep good help, and the people they attract.

    A NO Vote does NOT Mean A Strike...
    140,000 UNION Brothers are being put into Central states... If you don't know the history of Central States look it up.

    Keep in mind YOUR raises, the Union can take, and have from a few different locals...

    If you are not FT, do you plan on going? Guess what you are going to struggle for ONE additional year to reach the top. 4 years now..

    If you go 22.3, hope the language is strong enough for you.
    If you go driving, 9.5 and harassment Good Luck!

    To MUCH Grey in the contract!!!!
  15. balland chain

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    You will not miss a mortgage payment,, they have plenty of time to reach a BETTER deal.. And in the event they don't, we would have to vote for a strike...UPS WILL NOT ALLOW it to get that far...This contract is a dog.. If you think it is fair vote yes,, but I can tell you, most of us that have been there for 20 + years will be voting NO.. This is a bad deal, and each contract we have given something up.. Corporate will tell the low level sups to tell you this is great, and if it is voted down you may not have a job, or will be out of work for a long time.. This is BS.. The changes to our pension and our health care and to the retirees healthcare are unbelievable. How ( well I know UPS does not care) can they do this to our retirees ?? Charging more for insurance ?? YOU will be a retiree one day.. And think now, how would you like some one to vote for higher payment for you a retiree who can no longer vote ?
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Years 4 and 5 have split raises.
  17. East coast navy

    East coast navy Veteran

    Call the 1800# for the Central States plan. They will answer all your questions. The IBT will not do it.
  18. brown_trousers

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    Actually I saw no changes to my pension over here in the NW. I just recieved my pension statement and it looks strong! Im afraid that if they have to "renogotiate" it will be more of a redistribution of benefits throughout the country rather than actually improving every region independently. Those of us on the west coast dont want ANY of our health benefits or pension mixed with central or east regions.
  19. Stratocaster

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    I'm voting No No No No and No again. 4 year progression??? Why are we allow concessions when the company is gaining in profit. I can see it see it now, next contract will be a two tier pay system.
  20. Indecisi0n

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    I think I am voting no. Mainly because harassment/excessive OT hasn't been addressed. My local says we have 9.5 but that to me doesn't mean #@$%$. I don't want the money I want family time. 9.5 isn't suppose to be about getting paid it should be about me being able to get home at a decent time.