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    As a street hire feeder driver that hired under the current contract, I know there is a 4 year progression for hourly jobs. However, according to article 43, sec. 2, part 11, a mileage or sleeper run should be paid at top rate after seniority date + 3 years. I know it would be rare for a driver in progression to run a mileage job, but in my hub it can and does happen. Could someone enlighten me on this issue, or am I reading the contract wrong? I work in the under the central supplement and haven't seen anything that contradicts the info below.

    (11) Employees entering a job paid on mileage between the date of
    ratification and August 1, 2008 will continue to be paid in accordance
    with the provisions of the prior Agreement.
    All employees entering after August 1, 2008, a job classification
    paid on a mileage rate, who have not yet completed a full-time progression,
    shall be paid a progression rate equal to the following:
    Mileage Rate in Effect
    On August 1, 2002
    Start 70%
    Seniority Date plus one year 80%
    Seniority Date plus two years 90%
    Seniority Date plus three years Top Rate
    - 153 -
    ARTICLE 43
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    Hopefully someone can help you out.. congrats on winning the lottery.....
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    What is your question? The above language is correct. No one wants to run a mileage job during progression because the pay stinks.
    We only have 1 mileage run on Saturday. A seasonal driver ran it last week.
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    So, when I'm in my 3rd year of progression, I will be at $25 an hour, but at 100% on a mileage job or sleeper team?

    And I wouldn't call it hitting the lottery. I have over 15 years with a class A cdl, and have worked some really hard, crappy driving jobs in the past to get where I am now.