military leave and military back to ups transition?

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    I worked for UPS for 2 yrs then took military leave and joined the marines. Now its about that time for me to go back to UPS. So i was just wondering if anybody has done it before? and if it was a smooth return and it was everything they expected? like their pay and everything? and how much easier life was with the seniority they earned while they were gone?
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    As long as you fall under the USERRA rules it should be an easy transition. If you are hourly your local Union will need to get involved to iron out seniority issues. Many people dont understand how it works so there might be some misunderstandings about seniority that you accured while you were away. Also they should get your insurance up and running the, company typically drops you when on make sure you follow up....or you will not be covered until you get a month of hours under your belt. You should have gotten raises while you were gone so check your local contract to make sure they pay you correctly.

    Thank you for your service and welcome back.
  3. Sir,
    The two years lapse has me thinking. Deployed? If so, welcome back!
    Tell us a bit more about the USMC (except what we know about the Marines...They're a department of the Navy....Ladies Department):peaceful:
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    This thread does not make sense to me. Are you saying that you worked for UPS and then joined the Marines? Were you an active duty Marine or did you join the reserves? I did not realize that the Marines had a reserve component. If you joined the reserves than, yes, your job will be waiting for you when you complete your deployment but, if you went active duty from Day 1, I do not believe that you will have a job waiting for you. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
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    Yes, the Marines have a reserve component. No, it doesn't matter when you join or whether you go active duty or reserve. As long as you are not gone more than 5 years your re-employment rights are protected under USERRA.
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    Thank you.
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    It covers both active and reserves. However as I read it you can't leave work to intially join the Maries full time (not as a reservist) and come back. It covers active duty required for people that where already in the service.
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    Make sure payroll fixes your entitlement banks. They freeze when you go out on leave. If you had anything left in your banks, they should pay it off as soon as you come back to work and get you set up for the current year. (You don't earn entitlements while you are on leave but you aren't penalized either.) Ask your sup to put in an inquiry and ask payroll to explain exactly what you are entitled to and how they arrived at that calculation.

    Also make sure your pay rate is adjusted to match the current contract.
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    From the USERRA FAQ:
    Someone working at UPS (or anywhere) can sign up for active duty, do their time, and then return and be re-employed as long they haven't been gone more than 5 years (and there are exceptions to that as well). Most service contracts include a 4 year active duty obligation, so it's certainly doable.