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    I worked for ups for 5 years as a part-time unload/belt supervisor when I decided I wanted to do what I always have wanted to do which was join the military. So I went on military leave. However before I left for the service I had already had qualified on the test portion, had my panel meeting, and drove seasonal. I had completed all requirements to become fulltime. When I drove truck I had pretty good package/ drop to time ratios. During the time I was part-time I earned a bachelors degree in business and had high qpr ratings. I waited for two years for a promotion and received nothing. However when I joined the military three people have been promoted. 1 with less experience and less time as a supervisor and 2 with equal time and experience. Now after all that said, I am thinking about coming off military leave next year and I am wondering what my chances are with coming back as a full- time supervisor? Under the Userra rights I believe I am entitled to come back to a position I would have obtained if I wouldnt have left. Would this apply to me? I want to come back but now married with a child I couldnt live off of a part time job. Because i keep my time in service i would come back with total 8 senority. Any ideas on this anyone? Please be respectful when replying! Thank you
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    JST, sorry I can't answer your questions, but I'd like to thank you for your service and welcome you to Brown Cafe.
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    I think your best bet is first to get in contact with UPS and see what they say, and then double check it with a military lawyer who has experience with USERRA cases. I'm guessing that the hurdle will be showing that would have been guaranteed to have been promoted to full time had you not gone on military leave.
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    You most likely should be next in line. Getting promoted to FT Sup from PT isn't like just getting a raise they have to have an opening. Just completing the requirements isn't a guarantee that you are going to get promoted. Also iF you have been around UPS long enough you know that as management you go and do what they tell you. I have seen people get promoted to FT SUP but now have to drive an hour or more each way to work because the open spot was in another building. They will probably promote you but your SUP position is most likely be in another building as is what happens 90% of time when they promote people.
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    thank you for serving in the military.ever thinking of making it a career?could retire in 20 years.with benifits.
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    JST - welcome back first of all.

    You will come back as a part-time supervisor. Good news is that we need full time supervisors.
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    Thank you for your service, ultimately. And dont go into management. Or you will not get to enjoy your new family as much. Work and get your ten, then apply elsewhere. From the experience my son gained in the military, he is now a process writer for a nuclear facility, and has surpassed what I make in a year 4 months ago. Great companies jump on a guy just out of the military to hire them. As they should. Dont limit yourself, you deserve the best possible career.
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    Well, it would be nice if that was always the case but a lot depends on your MOS. If you spent your time in a combat arms MOS there's not a whole lot available without going back to school first. I've got a couple friends who are doing real well (6 figures) but there are a whole lot of folks who are struggling. I know guys who are trying to get back in because they can't land a decent job out here.
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    I can tell you for a fact that being a veteran helped me get hired at UPS. The district manager at the time was a vet and knew that the military mindset lent itself well to the mindset at UPS.

    Jones makes a good point--there are certain jobs in the military that simply don't translate well to civilian life; however, most employers know that most military veterans have many of the qualities they are looking for in potential employees and all other things being equal are more likely to hire a vet.

    Now, and this may not be the most PC thing to say, we need to keep in mind that the military does not always attract the cream of the crop. It wasn't too long ago that judges would offer the military as an option to incarceration. There are some folks that I was stationed with whom I would not want to work with.
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    Just as there are certain people at UPS I do not want to work with. We got a few sleazeballs ourselves.
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    Point taken, but...I dont know when it changed. My brothers both had the choice of going to the military, or facing jail. they were bad boys. Not bad like murderers, but always in trouble.
    My son when he went in, could not get in had he not been at the top of the class, very picky then. And he had the MOS I guess because he enrolled early, against my wishes I might add. But he told me let me go in now while I can choose what I want to do, or Ill go anyway later, when I wont be able to. Either way he was going sooo.

    I would think and dont claim to be an expert, that in these hard times, a man or woman who has spent time in the military, is considered responsible. Ie can probably pass a drug test, wake to an alarm clock, show up on time etc. I still think they have a better chance.
    I guess maybe My son was lucky? He had so many offers, of good jobs, places flying him in for interviews, I guess I thought that was how all military got treated. They should.