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    I m having a problem. I was employed with UPS at Earth City Mo Hub and (still am) in 2003. I decided to go serve my country and joined the Marine Corps. I put my military lave in with the comany in 2003. Now I am out and ready to come back to UPS. I applied for a job (package handler) in Arizona online and it say I cannot coomplete the application because I am still employed by UPS and to contact my supervisor. Obviously I donot have one. Who can I contact to come back to this great company.
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    You will probably need to contact HR in Earth City to see what you ned to do.
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    Do you know if since I am still employed I will get the raises I would have gotten?
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    You should, according to USERRA:

    Does the reemployment position include elements such as seniority, status, and rate of pay?
    1. Yes. The reemployment position includes the seniority, status, and rate of pay that an employee would ordinarily have attained in that position given his or her job history, including prospects for future earnings and advancement. The employer must determine the seniority rights, status, and rate of pay as though the employee had been continuously employed during the period of service. The seniority rights, status, and pay of an employment position include those established (or changed) by a collective bargaining agreement, employer policy, or employment practice. The sources of seniority rights, status, and pay include agreements, policies, and practices in effect at the beginning of the employee's service, and any changes that may have occurred during the period of service. In particular, the employee's status in the reemployment position could include opportunities for advancement, general working conditions, job location, shift assignment, rank, responsibility, and geographical location.
    2. If an opportunity for promotion, or eligibility for promotion, that the employee missed during service is based on a skills test or examination, then the employer should give him or her a reasonable amount of time to adjust to the employment position and then give a skills test or examination. No fixed amount of time for permitting adjustment to reemployment will be deemed reasonable in all cases. However, in determining a reasonable amount of time to permit an employee to adjust to reemployment before scheduling a makeup test or examination, an employer may take into account a variety of factors, including but not limited to the length of time the returning employee was absent from work, the level of difficulty of the test itself, the typical time necessary to prepare or study for the test, the duties and responsibilities of the reemployment position and the promotional position, and the nature and responsibilities of the service member while serving in the uniformed service. If the employee is successful on the makeup exam and, based on the results of that exam, there is a reasonable certainty that he or she would have been promoted, or made eligible for promotion, during the time that the employee served in the uniformed service, then the promotion or eligibility for promotion must be made effective as of the date it would have occurred had employment not been interrupted by uniformed service.
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    When I got off active duty all I did was call HR and tell them I'm coming back. You are guaranteed your job back WITH SENIORITY AND RAISES that you would have gotten had you never left. The only catch is that you left the military in good standing. An honorable discharge (or maybe even a less than honorable, which is different than a dishonorable discharge) and a DD-214 to prove it should be all that they ask for upon your return. Any jobs you could have bid on during that time should be offered to you. Most people have a smooth return but I've heard of a few cases where the management at certain locations refused to dovetail people into jobs they could have gotten if they hadn't left. The best thing to do is check the seniority lists for all the classifications and see if anything you're interested in had opened up while you are gone.
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    First off, thankyou for your service to and in the armed forces. While the military activity is very unpopular with many, those that choose to serve have my respect and admiration.

    I am assuming that they put you on leave and not like other companies, paid the difference between your UPS pay and the pay you got as a Marine?

    The message I got from the post you made on the response from the website is that you are still considered an active employee of UPS at the facility where you last worked. If so, they should be able to put you back on right away.

    Now, that being said, I assume you know about transfering from one UPS center to another. In many cases, that type of transfer is not usually allowed without extenuating cercumstances. I would think that yours might qualify, but then in most cases I know of, because of your desire to transfer, you could/would most likely loose your seniority gained at earth city.

    And that would be the kicker in this move by you. They are only required hold open a spot in the earth city center, where your rights are protected by law. If you choose to relocate, you might be required to resign from your position at earth city before you are considered for employment at the new location, thereby loosing all seniority and benifits quaranteed under the law for the current location.

    And this is why I would speak to HR at earth city, as if they will, your service to your country should be honored by your transfer to the new building along with your accumulated time, including the time served in the services. The only drawback is that you might not be able to count that toward the seniority in the new building when it comes to bids on new positions. That would have to be worked out there.

    Again, thanks for what you and other have done so selflessly

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    Thanks tooner for the correction. These old finger sometimes take off on their own.

    Again DK Thanks for your service.


    PS, Jones, you can spank me in the morning ;)
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    I was kinda hoping for later on tonight, but I can wait...:wink2:
  11. I'm in the same boat. I'm a reservist and was told "your name is on a list" for possible activation.
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    Thnx for the input. I am not as worried bout seniority it would be nice I just want back in a good job at UPS. I think since this location is currently hiring I dont see why they wouldnt be ok with it.
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    You will be in our prayers. Activation from any job is a very difficult event for the family of the reservist. Especially on the family. Keep us up to date.


    I would not think twice about putting you on the payroll. The only issue is paperwork IMO. You can not work for UPS in one location, then apply to work at another.

    Like I said, check with HR from where you left. They have the responsibility to guide you through the process.

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    To echo a thought. Thank you for your sacrifice and service. I wish you Godspeed.
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    I work at the ARNG HQ and I see horror stories all the time on issues like this. It is not as cut and dried as some might think.
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    Then shame on UPS. While I know it is a hardship on the company, the employee has even a greater hardship, all in the name of keeping the US safe enough for UPS to have grown into what it has become.

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    EXACTLY! Glad you said that first. I have read that Sears continues to pay the difference in their pay to their employees while they are on active deployment in the military. I don't know for sure, but I doubt that Sears is any better off financially than UP$, soooooo. Well, we all know that aint gonna happen.
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    I didn't recieve the difference in pay and my insurance was frozen but once I returned everything went smoothly. I was sent to the very next driving school and was made a cover driver since several were hired while I was gone.

    I know of a guy in a hub down in Georgia that was deployed and when he came back his center manager refused to make him a full-time driver. One was hired while he was deployed and based on seniority he was entitled to the job. The center manager quickly changed his mind once a lawyer that specializes in these cases showed up at UPS one morning. He was given the job and UPS sent him a letter apologizing for the mistake.
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    Its not a mistake, its the Im God Attitude that some managers have.

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    I agree. They do some stupid things thinking that no-one will question them.