Millionaire executive gets probation for failing to pay taxes

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    TRENTON – A millionaire UPS executive was given probation Friday for failing to pay thousands of dollars in taxes eight years ago.

    Steven Turner, 63, of New Hope, Pa., was given three years of probation and ordered to pay $345,000 in restitution, Mercer County prosecutors said Friday.

    The decision came nearly three months after Turner was found guilty of third-degree failure to pay income taxes for neglecting to pay nearly $248,000 in 2008, prosecutors have said.

    That year, Turner had worked as a controller for UPS and made $2.2 million. Prosecutors have said he lived in a $1 million house at the time.

    His case caught the attention of the New Jersey Division of Taxation, which launched an investigation and indicted Turner on Oct. 30, 2013.

    The sentence Friday comes with a caveat – if Turner does not pay the $345,000 he owes in restitution by the time his probation is through, he will have to spend a year in jail, prosecutors said.
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    We had a driver (since retired) who spent the majority of a summer many years ago in jail for failure to file his taxes (tax evasion). He came back and was allowed to retire rather than resign.
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    Controller,...... or comptroller?
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    There are some numbers that management really shouldn't fudge.
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    Oh well, he tried. Screw the IRS.
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    Wesley Snipes didn't get off so easy.
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    Seriously --- just probation? They couldn't even give him maybe 6 months in a rich guys country club prison?
  8. rod

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    I'm curious---just how many million dollar a year plus jobs are there at UPS?
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    You REALY disappointed me with that barber shop pic, that was a gold mine I gave you, and you half assed it, didn't even use the red pen.......smh
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    If old pay grade center manager are at 100,000+. Perhaps district and region managers are n 300,000 range
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    Yeah me too??!! A bust my arse in a 140 deg truck to pay their salaries!! $2.00 a year raise every August next contract!!
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    I'm lazy.
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    Wesley Snipes claimed he didn't have to , and wasn't going to. They make examples out of people who do that
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    we should start a gofundme for the poor guy
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    Charlie Rangel???
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    Our comptroller didn't know he had to file his taxes?

    No wonder these people thought ORION was a great idea
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    What's stopping you from
    Becoming. CEO?