Minneapolis paid time off

I was wondering if anyone knows the current time table for the time off you get...I heard that after 6 months you get two weeks off (one week is regular and one week is sick days)...I am wondering what else there is. I am reapplying after I get back from China since I wasnt able to work yet because of the trip and I wanted to have an idea when I could take my next study abroad time...if you know of anything just tell me...it might be the same time table in other locations as well. But I am not sure. Anything would behelpful
no...I went to the interview and said that I was already scheduled to go to China for three weeks. Since I wouldnt have six months to get the two weeks vacation they said that it wouldnt work but i should contact them when I get back to set up another interview. Which is what I plan to do. I am just wondering if anyone knows the time table at this hub/union for vacations so that I can see when I can use my time off for another study abroad. I would need around 3 weeks vacation...so I am thinking on my second year it would be possible...but I am not sure and wnted someone who works there or the union to help me on it


it would depend on ur hub if they would give you the extra wks off. I know that if in my hub if you get along with the managers and your a gd worker they would allow it. But as for getting pd vacations in advanced i have never heard off that. Unless the local union will pay for it.
well dont you bid for times off...wouldnt that be like requesting time off in advance...that is how I thought it worked...you get your chance to choose your time off after senority and everything