Mis-delivery in your 30days

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    Had a misdelivery, or at least they say, last week. Had to do a follow up yesterday. They said they never received the package. Wondering if this could be a send back for someone in their 30 days. I've beaten the route all but one day, I'm on day 20. My steward says management really likes me. What do you think?
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    If they like you - you can get away with murder.
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    Just focus on trying to do it right. They expect a few mistakes, try to keep it to just a few.
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    Were you within three houses in either direction?? If so you are doing better than most of our rookies.
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    yes, across the street and one house over. I still don't think I misdelivered it. I parked near a corner, sheeted it walked across the street then back, and drove around the corner to my next stop.

    Either way. I dont really care if they send me back.
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    I'm really not liking driving. I had a pretty sweet gig working preload and saturday air getting 35 hours a week. My family kinda pushed me into driving, but I dislike it even more then I thought I would. Its been really hard going into work in the morning. Haven't been sleeping well either thinking about doing this for the next 19 years.