Mis-load rant.

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  1. Asinine

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    Who gets paid 10.50 for not doing their job, then others get the heat? Sorters apparently. Me and a friend were both loading a truck, and by the end of the night, we both get 1 misload between the two of us, and of course we have to hear the bitching from our Sup while can you guess? Sorters get none of the blame on their shoulders. I have wondered why for awhile, actually. I mean let's see here.
    -Paid a dollar extra.
    -TOOK the ZIP CODE test to get the position.
    -Basically paid to slip the corresponding packages down to the right loads/trailers, are they not?

    I can see a little bit more sense if both parties (loaders and sorters) are disciplined the same because sure, we COULD double check our labels, but why when that should have been done up top to begin with?
  2. Jackburton

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    Do you see all the misloads they do catch? Oh that's right, we fail to see outside our own little area. Next time just yell at him to not check for misloads and you'll take care of them like you already are, afterall, that guy must be doing nothing up there. Maybe you should tell your sup you could do it better, get that extra buck, learn the zip codes, then watch some loader complain about you on a website.
  3. DS

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    Relax man you can't take the BS too seriously,one misload is nothing,
    Everyone makes mistakes
  4. Asinine

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    Did you bother to read my whole post? Apparently not.
  5. Asinine

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    Yeah I'm venting. It's not the quantity that bothers me, just the principle behind it I guess.
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    Yes I did, you're blaming the sorter, not the sup for him yelling at you. That is a smart sup if he can get you :censored2: at another worker and not himself. Calm your nerves, you won't last long if you can't let it slide off your back and quit infighting.
  7. browniehound

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    I am sure that as we speak UPS is planning/developing/thinking/ of a way to automate the sort system to take out human error (and your job!) so there would never be a misload. I would venture to guess there are too many obstacles at the moment such as customers who use ASD's or handwrite their labels. I'm sure an automated system would have to depend on computer generated labels.

    Sorry to get off topic here, but does anyone know why UPS allows our customers to still use the book? Seriously, they are at least 15 years behind the times with that thing. I once asked a customer why he still used the book and he said because he likes to have a paper record. I told him and I think he knew that a daily print-out would be a paper record for him. I think he was so anal-retentive that he liked writting in the book and keeping the records he hand-wrote. Mental illness is my diagnoses for people who still use the book...
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I have only one pickup customer still using the book and they do so because they do not have a computer at their business (bike shop). I do know that new customers have to use the software but I don't know how we could "force" existing customers to do so.
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    It does not sound like you were disciplined.

    The sorter does not get any heat because they do not have the time to check all labels. Sometimes the flow is too heavy and the labels are down and they may miss one, or a pkg gets jammed/misdirected into the wrong chute..

    It is the loaders job to stop misloads. However, there is no point in taking it to heart. The next time and EVERY time the sup bitches, just give them the carefree look like you did your best but do not say anything in return. They'll harrass someone else once they stop getting the reaction they want out of you.

    Remember, they (supervisors) just want attention and a scapegoat most of the time, rather than actually solving a problem . It is a lonely world as a supervisor.
  10. dillweed

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    I'm a preload sorter. We get slammed so hard by the unload that pkgs fall on the floor all the time. They are kicked to the bottom belts since the flow keeps coming. Interestingly, we are rarely nailed for this. The mis-sorted pkgs create lots of extra work for those at the other end.

    However, mngmt spends lots of time and energy chasing down those who misload on the belts. Have they considered the amount of pkgs flowing past that shouldn't even be on the belt and the time it takes a loader to look at them? Time that could be better spent double checking a label for the correct car? Goofy. Glad I'm not loading pkg cars anymore.
  11. menotyou

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    At the Black Hole, your position on the belt directly corresponds to the which personality the preload sup will wake up with today and your relationship with said personality. as far as she sees it!
  12. dilligaf

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    I never heard this 'officially' nor did I actually see the 'numbers' but supposedly I had 10 misloads on 1 truck on Monday. Bad day? LOL
  13. dillweed

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    The multiple personality syndrome? That would be rough. My old preload pt sup had only one personality and I didn't get along with it. He was a cruel, powerless, frightened little man-child who bullied anyone he could. Unfortunately it took me a long time to learn the game and I allowed him to cause me much pain.

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    Oh dilli, what a bad, bad worker you are. :-) Glad to see you here, it's been awhile since I've seen a post from you. Of course, you have been busy misloading...

  15. dilligaf

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    Not in quite as much. Still tryin to get the new house squared away. :happy2: