Misdemeanor Conviction

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  1. herbigharo32

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    I have a friend that wants to apply to work at UPS this spring/summer when volume picks up again. He has a class A misdeamnor theft conviction. I recall UPS only inquires about felonies and above? Am I correct on that one?
  2. dannyboy

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    I do not believe that is true. I believe they ask about all convictions. And theft is not good.

    Either way, he better be very up front about it, because they will find out when they do the background check.

  3. rod

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    I can't tell you what the hiring requirements are now days but it never hurts to apply. The most that could happen is you don't get the job. From what I see UPS has relaxed their hiring policies in the last 10 years:wink2:
  4. dannyboy

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    They have in a lot of areas. But i believe that in the arena of theft, they can not hire someone that has a conviction of any type. I believe it has to do with bonding issues.

    On a side note, our center has 2 black drivers and maybe 3-4 part timers. During one PCM given by the HR guy trying to get new hires signed up, (the HR guy is black as well), one of them piped up and asked how come there were no black people hired lately, because he had sent a lot up to the center to put in applications. Made a real nasty stink about it.

    The HR guy quietly replied that every one of the applicants he had interviewed had a criminal history for theft(he did not say felony or misdemeanor). And several for DWI. So to please send applicants he could hire. And knowing the driver had two sons, one in college, and one a senior in high school, said "why dont you get your sons to apply.

    They both did, both got jobs. One lasted 3 days, the other one a bit more than three weeks.

    The driver as never since brought the subject up again.

    That was over 5 years ago, and we still have the same mix of employees, even though many new part time employees have been hired.
  5. dilligaf

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    Isn't it funny how some people always make things out to be a race issue instead of a quality issue. :dissapointed:
  6. dragracer66

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    Maybe they could put him in the sales dept to "steal" some customers from Fed Ex!!!!
  7. Hangingon

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    Not sure if it's misdemeanors or felonies, but some of the guys working in our hub have ankle bracelets. They probably don't have to be bonded to work inside.
  8. smf0605

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    It really doesn't have anything to do with bonding issues, we are self insured and thus are not bound by an insurance company for bonding. What it really has to do with is; we get enough people willing to steal from us, why would we hire a known theif?

    Background checks generally show felonies. When we are hiring for inside manual positions, a full background check is not conducted, which is why only the felonies will generally show up. If a person is looking to be a driver, a more thorough background check is done, and that is done whether the applicant is an inside or outside hire.
  9. stevetheupsguy

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    That, my friend, was funny!
  10. CRASH501

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    Theft i doubt they will hire.....
  11. drewed

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    At air hubs you have to have an AOA badge, you get finger printed and the FBI runs your prints with a criminal background check
  12. dannyboy

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    UPS is self insured. That is a fact. So why do they file the claims with insurance companies when they have a loss that is self insured?

    The point is, they pay the claims. But they hire an insurance company to process those claims for them. Be it workers comp, liability insurance, or bonding.

    As for the bonding, the way i understand it, you have to be bonded to work for a company moving cargo interstate. As such, there rules governing who can and can not be bonded. I dont believe someone with a theft record can be. It might have changed now, but it used to be that way.

    Just like it used to be if you were a felon, you could not vote. Now, if you are a felon, it seems you can vote multiple times.

  13. herbigharo32

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    I found out they only inquire about felonies in the fast 10 years for AOA badging purposes. For other positions (drivers), misdemeanors has to have a petition of non discloser filed. In other words, he will need to get an attorney to file the petition to the courts. BTW, he took a large TV from Best Buy 2 years ago while working for them. He paid the company back and completed his deferred adjudication. Lesson was learned and never got into anymore trouble.
  14. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    That doesnt mean it wont show up on UPS's background check, come to think of it I do believe mideanors show up on it, because hr was telling about some of the disqualifying defenses and it was like certain moving violations, minor vandalism, minor theft was on it....
  15. dannyboy

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    The petition of non disclosure is one where the offense is still there, but any public record of it is not available. Kinda like adoption papers.

  16. herbigharo32

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    Yah, I think his mother is going to pay to get that non discloser filed. Afterall, she is getting tired of watching a man play video games 24X7.... The modern day scarlet letter does pose a huge problem to society. A cousin moved in while looking for work. He was running up my bills for months on end and bumming for gas monies. I finally asked him why he could not get employment with an MBA???? He fessed up to a prank he pulled back in 1991 involving setting fires to cardboard bales behind a KMart. Being gainfully employed by the same firm for 15 years, he never realized just how much that would catch up with him.
  17. Covemastah

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    The Old Guard would assume any new hire would eventually try to move on up to p/car and would do full backgrounds on everyone!! When I was hired they did a background check,called all three referances and fingerprinted me.That was in the 80's they have really let there guard down these past few years!!!!
  18. herbigharo32

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    I do have one theory behind that one. The general population is increasingly becoming more overweight. Who would UPS really choose?

    1. Adam has a blemish on his record but he is well built and can actually do the work.

    2. John who has a clean record but weighs 280 lbs, never worked warehouse, and would probably collapse onto the floor during the hot months.

    Oh, I forgot about how HOT those air containers can be, especially when they come fresh off the tarmac!!!! OUCH!!
  19. UPSNewbie

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    Hey now! I hold myself up quite well!
  20. dannyboy

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    That is what newbie thinks ups/him/her finds attractive, and not what can actually get the job done and done well.

    The job is physical, but you dont have to be a weight lifter with 42 inch biceps to delivery packages. It is about 40% physical, 60% mental. When you learn the proper way to do your job, the mental is greater than teh physical.