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    Last Thursday, the Operations Sup. came to me and told me that I had 2 misloads the previous day. Not that big of a deal, right? Wrong. He told me that one of the on-road sups wouldn't speak to me because I kept getting misloads. I have 2 per week, if that. Plus, I could care less if the on-road sup doesn't talk to me. She needs to retire.

    Anyway, the Ops. Sup. told me to stop getting misloads so he doesn't have to hold my job over my head. Can I be terminated for having misloads? I haven't read anything in the contract stating this. Also, I do the best I can everyday with loading my trucks. 1 of my 4 trucks is hell. And I'm also working on the rollers, which can be crazy if I have lots of packages. But like I said, can I be terminated for misloads?
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    If you are following proper methods you can not be fired..

    Was A Union steward present when the Ops Sup talked with you? If not that meeting never took place...

    You need a warning letter, final warning letter, suspension letter, termination letter.

    You can grieve the suspension letter and termination letter.

    IF YOU GET A SUSPENSION LETTER or TERMINATION LETTER - Ask your belt supervisor or preload supe to help train you with proper methods to avoid misloads - hold them acountable for proper training. Four days, first day YOU observe them for 3 1/2 hours. Second day they observe you, etc.

    2 misloads a week you should be getting a free breakfast and a high five.
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    You can't be terminated for misloads. During any investigatory interview with a supervisor where there is a possibility of discipline(holding your job over your head) you have the right to a shop steward. If they can't provide one for you then they must end the interview. These are known as your Weingarten Rights, federal law UPS must abide by.(click here for a more detailed explanation) Next time this happens ask for a steward and inform them you intend to invoke your Weingarten rights.
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    OR....... your sup may have been doing you a favor by talking to you without a steward present. As Lklnd said, that meeting doesn't count toward disciplinary action.

    He's trying to get misloads down. They won't fire you for two/week.

    Next "meeting", you should have the steward there.
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    It's funny that misloads are coming in two's right now..lol

    I had two misloads on all three of my cars three days in a row..(different car each day). All envelopes..none of them verified. (I use a random colored sharpie to verify)

    Haven't misloaded in months.
    I have NEVER misloaded consecutive days.

    I figured..it was just my turn. I've never been disciplined. No verbals..no warning letters...and OMG don't they hate a preloader that hasn't been disciplined into submission....
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    Funny, once they told me I misloaded, then I found the sheet on the floor for that day. And guess what, I had no misloads. They basically can tell you anything to mess with your head your make you try harder.

    The best way to prevent them is to check the car, number and placker a few times. This way you know you're in the right car, and you know it's in the right order and importance of package. It also doesnt hurt to jot down the car number and number on the box, this will also help prevent misloads and make finding the package easy for the driver.

    You should ask to see the report given about misloads. Some misload everyday and some misload a lot. It depends on what the building needs really, too short a staff and they will bark at you but cant really do anything about it. Unless you misload 10 or more a day, then your review comes into question. They are more afraid of you quitting then messing up, honestly.
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    I found out this morning that one guy had 5 misloads yesterday alone. He had 7 one day last week. He's an unloader, but whenever a preloader calls in, he covers for them. It's amazing how I get told something for 2, and they shrug off his 5 or 7. I understand that it's not his normal job, but he has been trained to load!
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    I just heard that a weekend driver had 8 misloads the other day. It is funny too, because he misloads everyday. They get all in arms about us lowly pre-loaders getting a one, while this person gets away with murder on a regular baises. :angry:
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    Well does he load the same set of cars all the time?

    Lets say he loads 49A 47C and 48A Monday and Tuesday
    two weeks later he loads 53A 54A and 54C on Wednesday
    a month later he loads 8A 6A and 9A... Now the printer is screwing up so the 8A can look like a 6 or a 9...

    The point is if he is not on the same set of cars every day it makes it very hard to remember car numbers. :whiteflag:
  11. see that wouldn't fly here. Preloaders are expected to be able to adjust and still be perfect. When I loaded and they moved the order or changed my cars I was all messed up the first day (maybe I misloaded, maybe not, but I certainly wasn't as fast), then I was fine. That is no ok anymore, no mistakes, ever, thats what is being preached to us lately.

    Though this comes from a manager who told us that a load quality audit and a misload audit are the same thing....which they're not. :happy-very:
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    Well this thread is an interesting one. One of the guys at work was telling me that we could get fired for misloads. Or was it missorts. Well whatever loading the wrong package into the wrong trailer is.
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    Well it if it happens consistently its a production issue, then a sup should be working with you, then get a verbal warning, then theyll document the hell out of it, then warning letters then suspensions then term.
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    Not likely Soy. We have a preloader that has as many as a dozen misloads a week and does not get any disciplinary action at all. It would be difficult for the company to make a termination stick.

    After all no one is perfect, oh except the company. LOL
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    If you are working for the same UPS that I did you can be "fired" for anything---------------but you will get your job back eventually. It's called harassment firing and it's just another tool to keep the troops in line. Enjoy your few days off if it happens:wink2:
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    I see management pushing our pre-loaders harder now more work less people get off clock early,some mornings we have to finish loading our own cars, i give my pre-loader something every week if i get a miss load i try my best to make service he does a great job for me so if i have to run one or two of once or twice a week so be it. I would not want to do his job show them some encouragement and see if they don't look out for you, or at least the best they can at the pace they work.
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    I guess that management is just trying to threaten the preloaders without taking any action. I've been told that they're all talk, no action. I've even been told that they cannot afford to fire anyone. I've been checking my trucks daily since last Thursday, and yes, I have found the magical 2 misloads (only 2 for the week)....but...i'm getting better and not getting any on the wrong trucks at all.
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    Your very lucky they dont talk to you.
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    Yes you are! The last "talk" they had with me went something like this:

    Sup: I have to issue you a warning. You had 6 misloads this week.

    Me: We both know I didn't, but I don't have time to argue this today. Just go ahead and give me the warning and I will be on my way.

    Sup: We have gone over methods several times and still you had these misloads.

    Me: I follow methods. I use a colored sharpie to verify everything I load. Were the misloaded PAL's marked?

    Sup: No, but that isn't the point. They were your cars.

    Me: I follow methods. I use a colored sharpie to verify everything I load. Not marked..not loaded by me. Issue the warning if you must but I'm not going to argue this with you.

    Sup: I have a bunch of other people I have to give warnings to. I don't have time to argue this with you.

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    i had 6 misloads last week and i only worked 4 days i might have 1-4 a month whats up with that? I got a warning letter threatened and i told the sup i have not had a verbal warning first boy did he get :censored2: can thay fire you for misloads and what states they cant?