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    I'm nine days out from seniority. I'm afraid I wnt make it bc of ml. I know I'm walking into the wrong car, but I'm always being moved around. Will ill be let go soon. All the sups are constantly on me as expected, bt I'm trying my best.
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    Keep showing up for work on time every day, try your best and you will be fine.
    Peak season is right around the corner and they need everybody they can get.
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    I only have 5 today. It's a good day.
  4. sortaisle

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    If you have PAL labels then it's actually easier to misload. Or if you're getting help with busy trucks, then maybe someone is helping you misload. It happens. Try your best without being too crazy and make sure you get home safely without getting injured. Good luck!
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    Remember this, box, floor, section. Look at the pal or box, look at the floor for bay #, then put it in the correct section. That's all you need to worry about. Everything else will come together. And Bubble is correct, it's peak time, you ain't goin anywhere.
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    Bay #? Shelf numbers? I love how UPS has different vernacular for different regions. I started in Portland and they have Boxlines. Different colors and different shelves for each truck...blue middle...white bottom...red top...hard to misload from those...Spokane has hundred lines. trucks lined up in a row on a dock...middle 3 trucks...last three trucks...first two trucks plus splitting the belt. Easy to misload. You'll be fine man. They are probably trying to test your mental toughness...you need to be tough to stay on this job.
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    I work in the box line too. I have 3/4 trucks depending on where they put me. I've also had help everyday since I've started. It can be give random people in one day with their hands on my trucks. I've been warned by one of the managers that I would have to clean up my misloads. I'm just scared that I'm going to get canned for my numbers and speed.
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    If you're in your 90 days then it's possible...they can fire you for little reason...but if you haven't been yet, they probably won't. If you're already union, they can't can you for speed and numbers. They can get ya for misloads. There is a process though. I don't know if it counts during your probation period. Whoever is sorting the boxlines can misload the cage. Make sure your top blue says top blue on the PAL label if you have them. If you don't have edd/pal the check the load chart. Speed comes with practice, make sure you're doing it right. Should take a couple of days to adjust. Good luck!
  9. falln2summer

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    Thanks! I'm still on probation :( I never misload packages from another boxline or another cage. It's just from the cars I'm assigned too.
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    Best bet is to slow down. Actively tell your load sup that you are going to slow down a bit to get a handle on the misloads and that you will increase your speed when you have it licked. They can't be mad at you for doing the right thing. Also, check the time stamp on the packages. It could be that if you're getting help, then your helper might be misloading...especially if you have a pile of packages on the truck trying to keep your cage clean. Ask that it be passed on to everyone in a PCM. Couldn't hurt.
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    Worse things could happen.
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