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    I was wondering when there is a package in a bag that does not go in a specific trailer but the bag does and I scan the bag and put in in the trailer along with the package still in side the bag does that mean I will get a miss load? And if so what can I do to prevent this from happening especially when it is busy as all get out because I got a warning letter for miss loads and don’t want to get in trouble for going slow but I don’t want to get into trouble for miss loads again pretty much I don’t want to trade one issue for another. What do I do? Please help.
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    Brace yourself. "Miss Loads" jokes are coming.
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    There are no production standards. They can get angry, but they can't do anything.

    I was told these kinds of misloads get charged to small sort. If they held it against you, you'd have to check every package in every bag before loading it. That doesn't make any sense. In fact, it completely defeats the purpose of small sort since you're still handling each package.

    Most likely you're getting hit with misloads because you're leaving them in the trailer or on the catwalk when you discover them. From now on, walk them out of the trailer, down from the catwalk, and set them on the floor somewhere far enough away from your trailer that some idiot doesn't just pick it up and throw it back in.
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    Lol. Just a thought, maybe you could ask ur sup if you need to open and check every bag?
  5. In my hub, loaders are required to check 3-5 packages in each bag. Supes tried to write me up for it because I scanned a bag and the entire thing was mis sorts.
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    And here is "Miss Loads"!

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    No, it count's as a misload since it's small enough to fit in those bags, not a big deal.
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    So small sort bags it and if there is a misort than they get notified of it and it goes against them not you. They sort it out via sort chart and it sounds like someone mis-sorted the bag. I don't see why you would get the warning though for a bad/mis-sorted bag? I used to work in small sort before moving to the primary sort.
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    My wife works in small sort. They (small sort) get charged for all misloads in incorrect bags. Before they went to electronic sorting she used to RTS a lot.
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    Just load the damn thing and say you checked it. If 3 of the 20 boxes supposed to go into that truck, you wouldn't of known. It's like my damn ORS sends me a message at 11am talking about "go through your truck for misloads before 1pm" :censored2: I look like checking 300 packages for misloads that they won't even come out to get anyway. I learned it's so our center manager could give a good misload report. They never get on preload about misloads so :censored2: there reports.
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    you understand production better than most managers i’ve met
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    You are supposed to read 3 packages in a bag before you scan in to a trailer. Typically the miss load will go back to the bagger since he created the bag. In my experience at Brown, it is tag you are it if you touched in last. So make sure you answer is "I read 3".
    In reference to warning letters make sure you ask for a steward anytime discipline in involved. I do not know how may times you have miss loaded but you are entitled to some leeway before some sup issues written discipline.
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