Miss loads

eats packages

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Depends on how bad your coworkers are and how bad they need you.
In my center it seems you would need to average around 3 misloads every day (or 8 in a single day) before getting on management's radar.
Load quality is awful. That my average loads pass as "a graceful act of god" to a portion of cover drivers really shows that off.
Of course. If everybody worked like me or some of the old-timers... they would have to slow down the unload and hire more preloaders :devil2:


Are you sure you want to punch out?
How do you even misload. The numbers are quite clearly on the label. If sups are really that hard on you that you’re panicking so much, just tell them to suck it while I figure my :censored2: out.

We had one this morning that belonged on a completely different belt, let alone car. Kid still threw it in the back.