Miss the days when getting hold of HR rep was just a knock on the door.

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    Hello, everyone. I work at Brooksville, FL, branch as a loader. I've gotta ask you, for those cafe-users that are kind enough to read this thread, how to go about getting a HR Manager's contact info in Orlando branch. I've applied for a Full-Time Sup Plant Engineer position few months ago and I haven't heard a peep; the job's still posted online. I've been with UPS for almost a year, and unlike most of my co-workers whose ultimate goal is to drive, mine's to be a plant engineer since I have an engineering degree and that's what I like and do best. I haven't been able to work in my field since this recession, but this also gave me the opportunity to join UPS! Anyways, I am starting to feel like nobody really cares; I figured with 1:4 hire for union vs. outsider on our current contract, I'd at least get a courtesy "no" if they are looking for other candidates. At any rate, a light in a right direction will be much appreciated. Thank you.
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    Did you complete the FT Sup MAPP process?
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    No, but I was in a process of it. My branch's full-time sup wanted me to be a pre-load pt-sup. I started the process, but I could only work nights, so it's sort of stopped in middle of the process. I need to take the test and I'll be done for pt-sup process, but I have not had the occasion to reach FT sup MAPP. Won't I get that process once they consider me to take the position though? I mean, why would i have completed the FT Sup MAPP process if I am just applying for the position? If there's something I should've done, do tell. :)
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    The ratio of inside/outside is actually 6:1. HR has become more of a self-service function through upsers.com. I would start here. Good luck.
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    You say you work nights--Do you happen to talk to any Feeder drivers? If so, try to find one who is nearing retirement, because chances are that they would have a contact number.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We have a Teamster pension plan where I work and HR has nothing to do with the retirement processing.
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    Did you apply online?

    There is a UPS Global Directory posted on upsers.com.

    Use Atlas as your search and it will come up as a link to a PDF file that you can copy to your computer.

    Florida can be found around page 10.

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    I get a letter every year(as do all I'd bet)on the process of going into a management position, did you receive one of these also SemperFi? Not sure if it's the same process for the job you want, but it might be a start.
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    Completing the FT sup MAPP process makes you eligible to be considered for a FT sup position. It's always been my understanding that until you successfully complete the MAPP testing, you aren't even in the promotion pool.
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    He mentioned that he is in Florida, and I think they are part of Central States. UPS would process the full pension prior to age 65. Also, there are other matters where HR would be involved, such as vacaton payoff.
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    The largest job shortages in this country are in engineering -- I'm baffled that you haven't been able to find work. GM has oodles of unfilled positions in places like Atlanta, Washington and Detroit ... they've actually begun a program in which college students agree to work for GM in exchange for their tuition being paid while in school.
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    Awesome! I'll definitely give that a try. Thanx a bunch.
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    With a degree in engineering and the economy getting better, knowing what you know now, why work here?
  14. SemperFi

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    Trust me, I'm looking. But I want to stay with UPS because I believe in their value and principles. I mean, if we don't take care of them packages, who will? Those FedEx folks? I don't think so. I just wish I belonged in UPS doing what I went to school for. Never hurt to dream, right?
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    Do yourself a favor---register with Linkedin.
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    Unless life and opportunity passes you by while you are dreaming.