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    Question. I start Monday P/T training for package handler. The first 5 days of training doesn’t count for seniority, I’ll miss getting seniority before the cut off date when free period starts. If I’m not a pos keep my head down come in on time type of worker what’s the odds of me getting brought back after the second week in January is over?
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    Only time will tell

    Young Padawan
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    They need bodies. Show up and you will work.
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    I qualified during the free period to drive so you got a shot. Go Big Blue!!
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    After dealing with this place for a few weeks you probably won't want to stay around .
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    First 5 days? I didn't even have the tour or videos when I started. Once they put the blue vest on you, start counting your 30 working days.
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    Weeks? I think you mispelled days...
  8. Screw that. At my hub they went by my start date which was the first day of training. I think you are wondering if you are seasonal or not. I think it only maters when you are hired.
    My hub is so desperate I took a 3 day unpaid vacation 2 weeks in and a guy that was hired with me took a 9 day just after one week lol.we both made seniority. Didn’t seem to bother them to much. Just work hard and don’t worry about it. They will keep you if you take your job seriously.
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    Thought this was a thread about a nursing home date.
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    Maybe a thread about getting stood up outside the nursing home. She musta been napping after her afternoon puzzle group.