Missed my second day of work in the warehouse. Will I be fired?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by JohnQSmith, Feb 16, 2020.

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    The search tool is very useful. Please use.

    Has working at UPS made you depressed?
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    he's right though, you dont see the same level of unnecessarily large egos and arrogance from menial non-union truck drivers and warehouse workers. It's a weird union thing
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    Good job calling it entry level work that anyone can do when you can’t even do it yourself.

    Guys like you regularly come on here to try and convince themselves that they were too good for the job anyway. We see it time and time again. That’s why you’ve gotten a negative response.

    You’re not special or a unique case. And nobody cares that you think you are.
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  5. Brotherrr

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    You are out of your element, men work here.

    :censored2:. Was thinking of applying for Handler after doing Seasonal DH last year, but I'm female.

    Also, I know OP probably won't return, but would like to know more backstory. How many days did you last before you wanted to quit? And are you, as your posts seem to suggest, an entitled lazy millennial? Honestly not even trying to be insulting, but I've heard a lot of complaints from people in charge of hiring and people in my generation (X) that millennials are lazy, don't want to work, and frequently no call/no show. In all my years I have never no called/no showed and I cannot imagine ever doing it; it's so irresponsible and rude. Legitimately want to know more about the mindset of someone who would do this. Do you just not care if you screw over your coworkers/supervisor/place of employment? Do you not care that no calling/no showing makes you look like an irresponsible jerk? Dont you want people to think you can be counted on to keep your word and fulfill your obligations? Are you just too scared to tell your sup you're not coming in? And what makes you think it's ok to just not show up to work--what goes thru your head when you decide you don't need to have the courtesy to at least notify your employer you're not coming in? Honestly would love answers to this, OP!

    Edit to add: Sorry; messed up the quote feature.
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  6. BadIdeaGuy

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    I'm disappointed that guy probably won't log back in to see this.

    A bucket of popcorn would go nicely with watching that.

    @Brotherrr , I usually advise girls who ask to stay away from UPS. It's not a fun job, you get hit on 5 days a week by potheads, (Assuming you aren't hideous) and most of the time, y'all can do better.
    But you should absolutely apply. UPS needs good employees, and the guys will be a lot more scared of you than it sounds you will be of them.
  7. Brotherrr

    Brotherrr Member

    Haha Well thank you! I am very tempted to apply; I made it thru DH during peak, and I wouldnt say it was a hard job, but it was pretty physically demanding; more than your typical job at least. I was pretty sore some days, I admit! But I had good drivers and its better than sitting in an office all day, cause I've done that, too.
    I really would love to have the medical insurance and of course some extra money. I have three kids and my husband's medical is pretty lousy. And the Twilight shift works for me with my kids' schedule. I'm just not sure I could physically do the job and I dont want to be the weak link amongst my coworkers. I'm not worried about guys hitting on me--Im not hideous or anything but I'm 40, so I'm pretty sure those young whippersnappers would not be interested!
    Still crossing my fingers for OP to return and answer. I realize my post sounds very confrontational but I didn't know how else to word it. Like a previous poster, I fear for this country (world?) if OPs attitude and actions are the prevailing m.o. for most in his generation. And I also wonder if there is anything I can do as a mother to ensure my children do not turn out with such a lack of work ethic. I would be so ashamed.
  8. Yeet

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    You would do fine at UPS. It seems like you have a good work ethic and you care. Everything else will fall into place later. Good luck.
  9. Thank you David Abney
  10. UnconTROLLed

    UnconTROLLed perfection

    I think everyone missed that this is an extra job for the OP, and they said the hours were not what they were told when hired.

    The whole "entitled millenial" thing is silly rhetoric 99% of the time. Pretty unimaginative

    Not excusing not going to work etc...just quit
  11. OrioN

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    Plus his job isn't the typical package handler at a center @Brotherrr ...

    It was a supply warehouse so it may have been a different experience than handling boxes and irregs all day
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    Apply and go for it
  13. Jkloc420

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    @IVE GOTTA PACKAGE 4U islike 110 and still works at ups
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  15. Brotherrr

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    Well that's what I'm trying to figure out, though. I have spoken with several people, both employers and employees, and they're saying it's the norm. Its the norm for them not to show up, when they do show up to not work, to have their friends coming up to their workplace and instead of working be socializing with them...I heard one story of a friend's coworkers getting in trouble because they were standing around coloring with crayons when they were supposed to be working. They no call/no show one day then just come back to work the next day expecting to still have a job, and saying they just "didn't feel like coming in". I have heard stories like this across different industries and job types. So I really doubt this is rhetoric.
  16. Brotherrr

    Brotherrr Member

    Fair enough. But no matter what the job is, to just not show up to work and not even have the courtesy to call and notify your sup is inexcusable. Theres no two ways about it.
    Also the OP originally wanted to know if hed be fired after 2 days no call/no show, and I believe he said he didn't go in cause he didn't feel like it. Well if you don't feel like going to your job, quit. If you don't like the job, quit. Why even ask if we think he'll be fired for no call/no show? The fact OP asked to me means he did want to keep the job, but only on the terms he could show up only when he felt like it and still not get fired. Then he comes on here and basically says everyone at UPS is a miserable loser and he didn't want to work here anyway. It just sounds like a child's temper tantrum, in all honesty.
  17. Brotherrr

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    Thanks! Need to psych myself up; just nervous all those strong young college boys will think Im just a pain in the ass who cant do the job cause of my age and size.
  18. OrioN

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    Don't worry about others; you worry about yourself!

    I have seen women in the centers keeping pace with others, even out performing some of those college males. Mostly because they're probably holding another job & classes on top of it.

    That YouTube guy was just expressing his experience at that one location. It varies depending on each center, like he said & others chiming in to say similar things.

    The millennial mindset you're talking about is their way to express that if this is modern day slavery, then the employer doesn't get a formal 2 week notice. Just burn that bridge and move on. <shrugs>

    Or that other term, ghosting... sighs, pathetic

    Ghosting in the Workplace: Why it Happens and What to Do About It
  19. AwashBwashCwash

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    Let's be honest, the "extra job" thing was probably a lie to save face.
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  20. AwashBwashCwash

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    Also, ghosting is based.