missed pickup?


I had one today.Oncall for 6 pkgs 3PM close.I know its bs because I talked to the shipper earlier in the day.I accept it.Drop by at 3pm to make sure its not true,he says come back at 5pm.Get txt msgd.why
did you miss the pickup at...so and so...I text back ,I`ll call you.
Turns out, the lady that called for a p/u does not want to pay overtime
to the shipper to stay past 3PM.I was pissed,dropped into the front office
and informed them that they had a serious communications problem .
What p's me off more than anything is that I go out of my way to keep this account happy.I make it my last stop on Friday because they are not ready till 6:30PM...grrrrrr
I`ll have to explain it in detail tomorrow morning.


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Maybe I'm wrong but if you do not stop complete OCA in DIAD at 15:00pm or b4 commit time it will show up late...next time have center modify the commit time for 18:30.....or sheet up OCA as not ready at 15:00 then stop complete.

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I have a couple of accounts that always call in p/u's with an early close time, in spite of the fact that I know they close at 5. In such cases I just sheet up the p/u as not ready and I go back at a more convenient time. I mean, I'm not about to stop what I'm doing and drive across my area just to satisfy the DIAD.

There have been a few times where I got busy and forgot to do that and when the message came up asking why I couldn't make the commit time, I just hit "other" and typed in "closes at 5" and that was that. Does anyone actually read that stuff?