Missed UPS Orientation. May they offer a make up?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by graffeo9510, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. graffeo9510

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    I found an email in my spam today saying I had orientation to be a driver helper at 8am, but due to it being located in my spam section of my email, and also having to rush my mother to the emergency room, I had to miss. Would it be possible that they may offer another orientation? Or maybe they will understand the circumstances? I really need the job to get money and support all of us.
  2. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    Are you a UPS employee currently? I have never heard of them e-mailing people for anything. If they want you to be somewhere they need to make sure you were contacted and that is not possible thru e-mail. I would call the human resources person asap.
  3. graffeo9510

    graffeo9510 New Member

    I am not a UPS employee but I am trying to become one and this is my chance. It is for orientation for a driver helper. Do you know where I may get access to a human resources persons contact info?
  4. CFLBrown

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    You're not off to a good start, but it wouldn't hurt to try. You can explain the situation and tell them you are ready and available to work. Your phone should ring, just don't expect long term employment.
  5. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    Who hired you? Thats who I would tallk to.
  6. nystripe96

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    It should not have ended up in your spam if you applied on the employee website. That is a tough way to lose out on a potential job placement. Don't even mention the emergency situation unless you can prove it on the spot, it'll sound like an excuse to them even if its true. Just tell them the email ended up in your spam, and attempt to contact HR constantly. If you want the job bad enough, eventually you'll get it. Good luck!

    DTAHONDA New Member

    They told us at the interview when orientation is, and did a email for a reminder. But mine was in junk also.
  8. rocket man

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    I hope your moms ok
  9. toonertoo

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    hope Mom is ok too, but dont mention it to them, They really dont want to hear that when you havent even been hired yet.