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    First off - if it seems like I'm mad at UPS, I'm not. I've been a long time supporter of UPS, and have had just about everything under the sun shipped to me via UPS without any big issues. So, thanks for the work you guys (and gals) do.

    Brown-nosing aside (mind the pun), I've run into bit of an issue. I ordered a kite (a very large, specialized kite for kiteboarding) from South Padre, Texas to Niagara Falls, Buffalo. I noticed that the tracking number the shipper provided (from a UPS store) was odd in the sense that the package status wasn't updating, even several days after the shipper confirmed he had sent it.

    Eventually, after the estimated delivery date had passed, I requested that the shipper visit the store and inquire as to what was going on. From there, a lost package tracer went out, and to no avail unfortunately. Now - the weird part is that the tracking # reveals that the last location is Niagara Falls, NY.

    Thankfully, I insured the package. However, the deal I got was awesome, and it was a kite that I had been trying to find for a while. Needless to say, I'd love to hear about any extra steps I could take that may help me locate the kite. The box is large, and weighs 12 lbs.

    The tracking information I was provided:1Z8V79210393666520

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    What happened to my post? I submitted a thread, was able to review it, even edit it. Then I returned, and the whole thread is missing.

    Mod please advise.

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    When I started on this site, mod was the first part of a title to an old TV show, The Mod Squad! You must be a regular poster on other sites. If that's the case, then you should know what happened.
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    Kiter, the only posts from you in the database are in this thread... There are none that indicate that they were deleted by a mod.

    Are you sure that you hit the post / submit button and didn't accidentally delete it yourself before you left the page?
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    His post did disappear for a few minutes. I saw the title, and I went to another thread. When I went back to read the kite thread, I couldn't find it anywhere.
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    The mystery of the disappearing thread. Call Nancy Drew.
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    Dizzee, Did the thread actually disappear, or just go out of sight when you duck down?
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    I thought maybe it had fallen under the table, but I can't see a damn thing under there with that huge kite in the way...
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    Since he said he edited it after posting I was thinking maybe he accidentally hit delete instead of save after the edit.

    I updated all of our forum software with new versions day before yesterday, maybe there's a new thread eating bug?

    Kiter's profile does indicate that he has made 3 posts but I only can find a record of the 2 in this thread...
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    I looked at the tracking. There was no physical scans of the pkg by UPS. All that occurred was an indication a label was created. The next scan shows that a tracer request was put in. The next scan was that a claim was issued for this pkg. Unfortunately, no one at UPS scanned the pkg in any of our facilities. It sounds like it got lost near the origin.
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    How does the tracking info show:
    Last Location:
    Niagara Falls, NY, United States, Wednesday, 08/10/2011

    Which is 12 days after it was shipped?
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    When I saw the title of the thread, I thought that a feeder driver might have lost his "kite", which is ups slang for the 2nd trailer in a doubles combination.

    In other words , i thought the story would have gone one of two ways.

    1st way: "I pulled up to the hub I was traveling to and noticed my second trailer(kite) was missing."

    2nd way: "I got my first trailer at a hub and went looking for the second trailer(kite) only never to find it. No one in dispatch could tell me where it was and then it finally showed up in a spot that I checked before and UPS is blaming me for stealing time, blah blah blah"
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    Poor Kitler - first his kite goes missing and now his thread. If I were Kitler , I would make sure my dog is on a leash when I take him for a walk.
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    I really needed a laugh today, and that did it!

    Thanks Dizzee!
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    Me too.
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    good job sticking to the ops topic people ................. i would guess it got damaged/destroyed or the label came off the box,, most likely its in overgoods
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    You should report our off posts to a Moderator.
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    Whats the tracking number on the lost post,maybe we can look it up?
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    Does this qualify as "on topic" ? He's missing a kite." [​IMG]
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    Busted. There is the answer 2 the kite riddle.