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Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by byrdups, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. byrdups

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    My sort has been missing a record number of origin scans lately, one employee. I have been auditing him and he isn't missing any. Our GSS scanners have been giving us issues, and they have to be rebooted, could this be the cause? Any info would be helpful. It is always to the same destination also. Thanks.
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    Is it the same shipper that is missing origin scans? A shipper number is assigned to an account and that account is assigned to a slic. So the first place that shippers pkg should be scanned to you. However, there are times when a company moves and uses the same shipper number and they are not adjusted in the system. There are other times when the customer starts to dropship to take advantage of lower zones.
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    I looked into that and no it's not the same shipper. I still believe it to be our scanners, yet they tell me we have to make them last thru peak until march. But I need to come up with why it is happening, ugh!
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    Are you on GSS 3.18? If so, there was a patch that came out last week to "fix" some issues. The patch needs to be installed after the EOD has been executed in GSS. The problem you have seems to indicate an electronic problem rather than employee problem.

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    Yes, I have installed them. Received some emails from IE today, I guess somehow someone is scanning a wrong ULD. I hope we have fixed the problem. I just don't understand why all of a sudden it started happening. Thanks for the help. I'll keep you guys posted, I have a feeling it's not the end of this.
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    Also, I don't think I mentioned missing departure scans. I go on vacation and came back to a mess. Gotta love it!
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    If any one thing is set wrong in GSS or HFCS then you lose departure scans. Get a few of the missed departure tracking numbers from SEAS and check to see if they got a location scan in eTT.
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    Thanks p228, ill try.
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    You started off with missed origin but the thread seemed to drift into missed departure.

    On the origin, are these packages going thru a DWS tunnel as well?

    On the departure, make sure the loader is not scanning into a ULD# that has already pulled/departed. That can happen if they are loading into a second ULD# for a single destination (load chart) but haven't toggled into the new ULD#. The load chart will be right so smart scanning won't care. The loader has to properly toggle to the right load (load chart + ULD#).