Mississippi's Shame

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    Mississippi’s shame | Pharyngula

    "The state of Mississippi will be considering Initiative 26 in less than two weeks. This ballot initiative is radical and dangerous; it intends to elevate a single cell to the full status of an adult human being, with all the rights and privileges of such status. It has an effect that ripples through every law on the books, because it changes who they apply to…and you know that no matter how charitably you might try to interpret the law, some fanatic somewhere is going to use it punish women for getting pregnant. It puts a little time bomb in the uterus of every expecting mother."

    plenty of lols in this one...now suddenly the conservatives are pushing FOR science?... ;)
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    I do not believe there are any lol's involving this subject. Punish a woman for getting pregnant ??? Is that the same as crushing a babies head or if you prefer a fetus at any time during the pregnancy ?? Would you consider that punishing a less than grown adult human being ???

    Sorry sleeve no lol's here. Just consider me another fanatic.

    Many , many choices for women today from various birth control devices to the morning after pill. 53 million abortions and counting does not seem to be a humerous subject.:sad-little:

    Science ,religion, politics --whatever. Are you an expert on when life begins ?? or ends ??
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    I laughed at some of the banter following the article and especially the irony of the conservatives suddenly pushing science. You are correct, the actual subject is not laughable. should have clarified.
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    Sorry for my strong reaction. I know that both of us realize that it is a very difficult subject.:peaceful:
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    Didn't read the article, but maybe they aren't "pushing" for science as much as they are using something they think will be excepted as proof.