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    I will begin by telling you not all my faculties are with me at the moment. That being said, you are facing a problem. You have trolls running amok. This needs to stop now if you want to keep your mod positions unpaid and keep this forum healthy.

    This is getting ridiculous:

    We'll start with this, an unregistered dug up a thread that is over two years old and posts this (completely out of context and not accurate):

    Bagger Brown (who joined today) has posted this:

    I noticed that a moderator (thinking clearly) deleted one of his posts in a thread.

    Then, you have an unregistered posting things like this:

    And starting threads like this:

    This is asinine. Not because their opinion is rebellious, but because they are only here to hurt the forum. A lot of members here think this is only "stirring up trouble" and will go away. I want to tell you it will not. This is not something any forum can allow to happen if it wants to stay legitimate.

    I won't bother quoting this next trolls posts (who joined today). Just take a look at the profile.

    There is a problem here. It is normal for this to happen when a forum starts to gain recognition. However, it needs to be dealt with.
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    The solution to this is not complicated. It takes some work, but I have seen that the mods here are willing to put forth the effort.

    The exact problem I am getting at is VERY simple to solve. I do not want to tell you how it can be squashed in a public message. It can be worked-around by savvy forum posters pretty easily. However, I do not think your trolls really know much about forum protocols.

    PM me if you want any guidance as to how to go about alleviating these problems. EVERY forum faces problems like this everyday. The dips that are doing this here are probably not very well versed in how to get around the security measures that you can put in place to stop this. I assume many posters, including myself, want this forum to keep it's current atmosphere.

    You are getting more popular now. You need to regulate this.
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    I cannot believe I forgot about this gem. This is also from an unregistered a few days ago:

  4. atatbl

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    The following thread is a perfect example of a well-done troll thread. It seems reasonable in text, but not accurate IRL. This is the same situation as us being told to memorize the five seeing habits. Yet you do not have intelligent drivers (who are providing for their families well-being) coming on here spouting ridiculous threats of getting permanently terminated. Why would an unloader be so concerned with the UPS life? Keep in mind, the thread is asinine to begin with:

    Oh, BTW, this troll also joined yesterday.
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    I agree that there are some trolls running amok..but..HEY..gonna hijack for a quick sec.

    Why wouldn't an unloader be concerned with the UPS life? Last I checked UPS employs an awful lot of unloaders...


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    atatbl, you're coming across as a wee bit troll paranoid. The fact is I have heard the same comments in our building that Brownand...proud posted. I don't read him/her as a troll. Although I do tend to read unregistered users with caution. Most trolls will start a thread with controversial subjects and then disappear. That's why I try to wait to reply till they have posted at least twice on the same subject.
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    LOL - you were on a helluva rant there, weren't you? :happy2:

    I agree that some posters seem to come in, take a pot shot and then disappear. It's the nature of the forum beast and not much we can do about it.

    IMO the mods do a great job and this is a good, clean place to join with others of our kind.

    Deleting all posts from unknown or new members might not be such a good idea. Many folks come in to gain understanding or share their feelings. Maybe their first few posts seem fanatical but once they get some positive and helpful replies they settle down and join in the discussions.
  8. DS

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    atatbl,IMO you are making a big issue out of nothing.We appreciate the fact that you are only trying to make the bc a better place for eneryone,and if you feel your concern is justified,send Cheryl a pm with your advice on how to improve the way we deal with unregistered members.I agree with the others that most times they make one post and we never hear from them again.Thanks for caring though,there is always room for improvement.
  9. dannyboy

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    your post reads just like a troll's if you take the time....:wink2:

    what business is it of yours if the mod position is paid or not, and how would pay affect kickig off trolls???????

    If you want 100% protection from trolls, dont get on the net, that simple

  10. tonyexpress

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    I think these responses are a fine example of how the BC community takes care of itself!!

    NICELY DONE!!:happy-very:
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    There are easy ways to protect against trolls, like not allowing unregistered users to post the first place, membership is free and only requires an email. Second, a minimum time you have to be a member to post, e.g. a few days. Third a minimum of 10 posts before a thread can be started. This eliminates a lot of the hit and run/make a thread and disappear trolls. Some will still get through, that is the nature of the anonymity on the internet.

    I think this influx of trolls is because of the 705 shenanigans, however if the problem persists then some of the above measures could help.
  12. toonertoo

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    We actually moved everything to labor when the NMA was being negotiated, because of the influx. And the same will happen with the election 2008.

    Til then troll away, if you have nothing to say of validity, you will never be a general member with respected views. Sometimes entertainment is nice. And free:smart:
  13. tonyexpress

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    All unregistered users posts are moderated before going on public display. We watch for foul language and spam and pretty much everything else goes.

    I don't believe anymore censorship or denial of controversial opinions would be fair as the Browncafe welcomes all opinions.
  14. satellitedriver

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    In your examples of troll posts, I did not see any foul language,flaming of other people, or any rules of conduct being broken.
    One may not agree with a posters stance or questions, but, that is not a reason for a Mod to exclude them from BC.
  15. toonertoo

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    I did not mean (if I was taken out of context:happy-very:) that they would be eliminated. I just meant any negative ninnys, or idiots somehow just have a way of disappearing. Mostly because most of us are here for fun and info, and comraderie. Not bashing, or slamming one person place or thing.
  16. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    im still perplexed at his comment on paid vs unpaid mods.

    i really dont know where that came from

  17. Monkey Butt

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    Give him a break!
    He started out by saying "I will begin by telling you not all my faculties are with me at the moment. ..." Let the 'roids wear off and he'll be OK! LOL :peaceful:
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    Hey I just wanted to say that I am not a "troll", I just heard about Brown Cafe, that is why I just signed up the other day, and as I said in my thread I am still pretty green, but what I posted was my true knowledge of what was going on, Im not here to start any crap, just curious about what seemed fishy to me. Thanks.
  19. toonertoo

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    Yes that kinda came outta nowhere...........
  20. satellitedriver

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    Show me the money. He He