Momma don't take my Kodachrome away

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    How many of you still shot film?


    It’s the end of the line for Kodachrome, the first commercially successful color film, created by Kodak in 1935. The iconic film will no longer be processed, as Thursday marked the last time Dwayne’s Photo — a lab in Parsons, Kansas — was willing to accept Kodachrome rolls that needed developing.
    Steve McCurry was given the last roll of Kodachrome produced by Kodak and he took that roll to Dwayne's Photo on Thursday to have it developed.

    No digital camera has ever been able to produce an image like this without post shot processing on a computer:

    frame_15 - Rabari Magician.jpg

    I never "warmed" up to digital photography until I discovered the PC-based tools that allow a photographer to get the color and detail of film.

    To see some of the other images Steve captured on the last roll of Kodachrome, go to his blog site.

    In case you have never heard of Steve McCurry, he took this picture (and many thousands more for National geographic).

    frame_15 - Rabari Magician.jpg
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    I wonder how many of our younger members will understand the origin and/or significance of the thread title.
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    Why don't you explain it to them , all-knowing one !!
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    Which brings to mind another Paul Simon song:

    50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
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    I think you and K-mart need to leave well enough alone.
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    Hop on the bus, Gus
    You don’t need to discuss much
    Just drop off the key, Lee
    And get yourself free
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    What about the film in instant cameras? Does that mean we won't be picking up any more of the instant camera parts ARS packages from our favorite pharmacy Walgreen's?
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    The film in those cameras is not Kodachrome. The film in those cameras uses different chemicals to develop than does Kodachrome.
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    The hell with Kodachrome, I'm banking on a hot steamy video that More and "UP"state have shot of each other in the throws of passion. Hey More, Upstate ever remind you of the "EmpireState Building?"

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    Not gonna happen!
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    Bought a new camera yesterday, one of the settings is film, to "recreate the vivid colors of shooting with film". Haven't tried it yet but I am curious to see how it looks.
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    I know this is a bit off topic to Kodachrome and More's/Upstate's ongoing sex life but it does have to do with pictures. My wife and I found some pics (lots of them) from the Library of Congress that date to the 1930's and 1940's but instead of the usual black and whites, these are color and just stunning IMO. There's like 27 pages and each and everyone in our opinion are worth the look. Just incredible.

    1930's/1940's color pictures
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    I use film.
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    Thanks wkmac.
    These are probably early Kodachrome film and processing. The colors are not quite as vibrant as modern (1970 - 2010) results but still very good. One of the most desirable qualities of a film negative is its archival qualities and as one can see, these held up well over a half a century before they were digitized.

    Here is one taken in 1941 in White Plains GA:

    White Plains GA house ca 1941.jpg
    White Plains GA house ca 1941.jpg
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    What? No one posted the song? Here you go:

  16. dilligaf

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    Digital - Sony Cybershot (13.6 mp). I was taking pics with this last night in near total darkness and the shots looked like they were taken in daylight. Also a Minolta (35mm) that takes great shots too.
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    Ran across this photo and found it stunning and very peaceful. Just wanted to pass on to those who might enjoy.

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    Awesome picture. :happy-very:
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    Bad news, looks like Kodak will become History :

    Iconic for decades, time running out for Kodak (Bankruptcy near ) ?

    Concerns about the company's future boiled over on Friday, after it hired a law firm well-known for bankruptcy cases, sending its shares down 54 percent to 78 cents per share.

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    An example of yet another company unable or unwilling to adjust to changing consumer demand in a timely manner.