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  1. Pizza

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    Is there enough work to move all drivers back to a M-F in the 18/24 month period without causing layoffs?
  2. DOK

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    There is in our building, depends on how much your center delivers on the weekend. Monday would appear to be a light volume day if your center delivers a lot on the weekend.
  3. Mst3k

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  4. jagger john

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    yes low senior drivers will be laid off work not avalible
  5. Indecisi0n

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    Maybe when we get Amazon back.
  6. silenze

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    We are so understaffed that they ask guys still in their 30 days to work a 6th day on monday
  7. Benben

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    Not a chance, esp when UPS starts running volume out Sunday! With just Saturday delivery in my building, there isn't enough work on Mondays now to work even the top 50% seniority drivers!!!

    Yeap, the bottom 1/2 won't work Monday and the bottom 25% won't work Tues either. The worst part of this is they will NOT be able to bump into Saturday to make the house payment, per the, "greatest contract ever!!
  8. babboo25

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    Lol, doom and gloom! Sky is falling!
  9. Benben

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    Whats wrong, the truth hurt bit*h?

    Me-sters like you who have sold your souls make me vomit!
  10. babboo25

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    Times are changing chicken little
  11. babboo25

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    Why you gotta call me names? Some brotherhood, can’t have a different opinion.
  12. Benben

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    You can have any opinion you wish!

    Those opinions that people should consider have thought behind them and are backed by facts and observations. You have neither, so you regress to "I know you are but what am I?" from grade school days.

    Grow up and use the brain God gave you!
  13. 542thruNthru

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    Why will the bottom 25% not work Tuesday?
  14. Grey

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    So many higher ups will opt for 3 day weekends that it will be closer to the bottom 1/4th not working Monday. I’m not sure how it affects Tuesday’s because they can push volume from later in the week.
  15. babboo25

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    Don’t question him, he posts the gospel.