More Admin jobs going away, what's next?

Up In Smoke

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I received an email from a retired RPCD early this morning, but I'm waiting for confirmation. It doesn't affect me, but would like to hear details.


Don’t worry he’s friendly
Right before Covid hit we had a center manager retire and 2 on roads relocate and we were still without a preload supe. The entire center was in shambles until June.


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its is mostly a necessary evil.........but to be fair I suggest that let the teamsters do the vacation schedule and see the confusion....that was done a few times in the past and yielded interested the schedule and have the members do the choosing.......voila....


Buckle that chinstrap…it’s go time!
No way they run the show after 3:30 or so
When I was in pkg our center didn’t have a mgr for months….the on roads and oms’s pretty much ran everything. was like the Wild West for awhile but I think things ran better than they had when there was a head honcho in there.