More Cleveland Mayhem.

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    Man suspected in three Cleveland killings may have been inspired by 2011 serial killer: 'There may be more bodies' | Mail Online
    Ok here is why this really got my interest. How far does a serial killer go from his home? I live 100~ miles from this. On the 14th I was swimming with my dog, the big white doby..............And there was this guy just sitting on the bank all by his ownself, and we being the friendly folk we are, started chatting with him. Said he comes here a lot, and would like to move in. Told him of the places I knew for sale, etc. Talked about the explosion, dead people found in the lake, you know normal stuff. What to do where to go, where the action is. He was drinking rolling rock, had it hid from the park rangers in the water, LOL. I could tell he didn't have a clue of the area or the things we were telling him about the area. He was very uneasy with my dog being there even tho on leash. I finally said, do you want to pet her, coz she really wants to see you. He reluctantly said OK, he said he was scared of big dogs, etc. She kissed him, and came right back, she didn't linger. She usually stays for more loving.
    Today my husband shows me this guys pic, and I believe it was him. Probaly had to find a place to go that didn't smell like dead people down the street. EEERIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    If someone could search and find what kind of car he drove, I would know for was gold, hubby said it was an Impala, I thought Toyota of some kind.
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    I live on the North Coast,..we've had our share of mishaps, however I think they in no way compare to the murder and mayhem happening in Obama's home town (Chicago), that is now charged to one of his former minions..Mr. Emmanuel
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    The "Chicago" crap gets a little old. The vast majority of all the violence is in the far south side. The rest of the city is no worse than any other large city per capita.

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