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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Channahon, May 28, 2009.

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    Sorry to bum you out, but the government is about to meddle in your can, of beer that is. The U.S. Senate is proposing large increases in federal liquor taxes, and it is going to hit us right in our wallet and glasses.

    Congress wants to increase tax on beer by 145 percent. This means you might be spending an extra $3 for a case. It doesn't stop there, with a 20 percent increase in hard liquor sales. Maybe the hardest hit is the wine drinkers. Wine sales would increase by 233 percent. Get ready to shell out an extra $7 for a case of wine.

    The move is the government's answer to help pay for the rising cost of healthcare, especially for teh millions of uninsured. As part of the proposal, the tea-totallers are not safe either. The government is wants to hike the cost of a can of cola with a soda pop tax for soft drinks.

    What can we do? Well as I see it we have two choices. We can either go Boston Tea Party style and dump beer in the Boston Harbor, but that's a waste of perfectly good, and increasingly expensive, beer.

    Or the more sane option, we can write our representatives.
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    It may be more than your beer that gets it. In the last week, President Obama has all but admitted the federal coffers are empty and there's nothing left. I believe yesterday the IRS reported revenues are down in the 30% range which with the economy is understandable. Now I'm hearing rumbling of the idea being discussed of a national sales tax (it ain't no Fair Tax so you Boortzers calm down) or VAT being added in to the tax equation. Nothing concrete but there is talk. McCain floated idea of a VAT tax on employees who have an employer based medical plan which Obama publically rejected (good for Obama) during the campaign. And Obama was scolded by some in his own party for his position too.

    I guess things could be "changing" and the severity of the situation are making this approach more appealing. Maybe instead of more taxes, Obama would reel in the global empire and he might have some more money instead of creating it out of thin air.

    But don't fret folks, soon as the inflation really kicks in, the debt picture will vastly improve and life will return to norma.....well almost normal!

  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    OK, I'll bite--why wouldn't the Fair Tax work (in this situation)?
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    I don't think he was saying it would not work ... I think he was saying the Demoncrats and the Party of NO would never implement the Fair Tax.
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    But Obama won't raise the beer tax! I heard him promise a MILLION times that he would only raise taxes on the richest Americans. Please don't tell me he LIED to us!
  6. Monkey Butt

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    I think he exaggerated.
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    When you pay a toll on a highway you get charged per axle. Reason being, over time, the more axles and wieght of vehicles increase the wear and tear and compromise the well being of road surface. So naturally, those who most frequently use and those with the bigger and heavier vehicles pay the bulk of the tolls....Why should those who don't go down that road be ask to pay for it?
    Same goes to those who drink and smoke themselves into submission and compromise their well being of themselves and others around them which has such an adverse affect on themselves and our healthcare system. So I ask the same question, Why should those who don't smoke and drink themselves to near death be ask to pay for it? Libertarians, where are you? you should be jumping all over this.....:wink2:
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    Agreed. You use it and yes you should pay for it. Don't want to pay the tax? Don't use the road. Completely voluntary system. Agree with you 100%

    Don't smoke period and drink very little myself but again, same as the roads tax. No compelling by anyone to use either tobacco or alcohol and don't want to pay, don't volunteer to use. Again, in complete agreement.

    You're right, absolutely correct that in both the roads, tobacco and alcohol there is no compelling by anyone to use these and therefore the taxation is all voluntary. I'm all for voluntary and again you are 100% right. Glad to see you agree with the voluntary way.

    I guess you would then agree that there should be no compelling of public school attendence and therefore those who choose not to avail themselves of the public school system should not have to pay any taxes that go and support public schools? I mean it does follow your voluntary tax model above!

    And what about unemployment insurance? I've never been fired or lost a job in all my years working so I've never drawn unemployment so since I've never used that service, that tax as well should be voluntary and at the same time, it I volunteer not to take part and at some future date I find myself unemployed, I've no right to take part. Again, using your voluntary model.

    How about Social Security? Same as the unemployment thingy. Again, sticking with your voluntary model.

    Foreign wars? Foreign welfare? Corporate welfare? Bank Bailouts? Auto Company Bailouts? Using your voluntary taxation model, I should be able to opt out of supporting these Right?

    You are correct in what you said but are you willing to really "go the distance?"

  9. wkmac

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    Hoax and Upstate,

    What I was saying is that the tax being discussed is not the "Fair Tax" championed by Neal Boortz. This will be an additional tax on top of the income tax and other taxes we already pay. And if you think this is some new grand scheme of Obama's, guess again. McCain floated additional taxation including taxing employer health benefits back during the campaign. So much for the party of less taxes but then this is also the party that put Sotomayer on the bench and now they scream like gut shot banchees!

    "F"ing PLEEZE!

    Show some people red and the letter "R" behind a name and the selective memory loss comes into play.

    You're right, I didn't say the Fair Tax won't work but IMO the Fair Tax "WON"T WORK!" First off, I'm against all levels of income taxation by the federal gov't so why would I opposed one means of taxation and turn around and support another means of taxation especially when the idea is revenue neutral. Why, if I truly want less gov't would I give the gov't the same amount of money? If you want a drunk to call it a night, does the barkeep continue to pour up drink after drink? Close the damn bar is my cry!

    Neal and John Linder may mean well and have the best of intentions but the only way to break the herion addiction is to cut off the source. Besides, the secret to the income tax is the federal reserve and so far we've shown no courage to Waterboard that monster!

    Demonrats the party of "NO?" God I wish!

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    Essentials of Panarchism
  11. JimJimmyJames

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    As a motorcyclist Diesel, you should be careful about what you would allow to be taxed more. There are those who think our passion is ridiculous and drives up healthcare costs for everyone so we should pay more. Some companies would like to deny healthcare to employees who engage in this "risky" behavior. I know this is not taxing us but couldn't you see the government taking various steps to contain our hobby also, for the benefit of society?

    I don't believe in "sin" taxes. Most of us partake in some behavior others might consider dangerous. It is too much of a slippery slope to start singling activities out.
  12. brett636

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    Too late for that, as we live in a world where the benefits of the many out weigh the benefits of the few. While anything can be construed out to be a sin what matters is what our government officials believe are "sins". Everything from drinking beer to soda, smoking a cigar, riding a motorcycle, and even the carbon dioxide you exhale with every breath is now considered a dangerous gas that needs to be regulated by the EPA. If someone enjoys a hobby which is too expensive for someone else to afford it is a sin, if the government fears your hobby (IE firearms) then its a sin. If any lifestyle behavior is believed to harm others, yourself, or the environment in any way(goodluck finding a lifestyle that doesn't) it is now subject to heavy government regulation and taxation. This is the future we have created for ourselves, and it will be a dark one to say the least.