more fedex bribes, union busting, disposable workers, and obama being a corporate servant

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    more fedex bribes, union busting, disposable workers, and obama being a corporate servant. also mentions the ruthless founder of fedex.

    “This happened while I was wearing their uniform and driving one of their company vehicles,” Henderson, a 40-year-old military veteran, told me. “My foot is destroyed. I have a fused ankle. I have had over a dozen surgeries. It hurts to wear a sock. I was limping pretty badly, but in the spring of 2008 FedEx said I had to come back to work and sit in a chair. It saved them money on workers’ compensation payments. I worked a call center job and answered telephones. I did that for three months. I had my ankle fused in January 2009, and then FedEx fired me. I was discarded. They washed their hands of me and none of this was my fault.”

    Our destitute working class is beginning to grasp that Barack Obama and other elected officials in Washington, who speak in a cloying feel-your-pain language, are liars. They are not attempting to prevent wages from sinking, unemployment from mounting, foreclosures from ripping apart communities, banks from looting the U.S. Treasury or jobs from being exported. The gap between our stark reality and the happy illusions peddled by smarmy television news personalities and fatuous academic and financial experts, as well as oily bureaucrats and politicians, is becoming too wide to ignore.
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    I actually worked with this guy once upon a time. It's all true. FedEx totally screwed him over and threw him to the curb like trash.
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    Right. The Middle Class is doing just fine...7ntil the cheap credit dries up again followed by a middle-class bailout of banks again.