More Political Correctness Gone Wild!


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Bad enough you want to mettle in domestic affairs, but you also feel the right to mettle with the U.K.'s affairs also. Although I would change my name if it was "Ed Balls", I wonder if that contributed to his Gay-ity..JK

Meddling in domestic affairs and worrying about Liberal political correctness stripping our country of it's values (thus destroying our country) is two different things. If it is happening in the UK you better believe it can happen here. OH WAIT! The Liberals and Secular-Progressives (usually one is the other) in this country began the assault here long ago. If we simply stand back and do nothing while this happens then "Western Democracy" will fade away to the old Eastern European/Chinese Communism that we spend roughly 50 years trying to defeat. This is the new cold war and we are losing but this time most of the damage is being done from within.