More UpClose RLA Video Lies from FedEx

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    I was at the ramp yesterday, and I happened to see UpClose (the ramp version of Frontline) for the month of April. Over half the video is devoted to the RLA, and quite predictably, it's a big effing lie. Here's how Mike P of AGFS "presented" the issue.

    1. The proposed RLA changes are a joint UPS/Teamster "competitive tactic" designed to "disrupt the FedEx business model." If this Commie plot succeeds, "Quality of Sevice" and "Customer Peace of Mind" will be disrupted. To this I say, TOO BAD!! When you treat your employees like dirt you can expect to have some of it come-off on you Mikey. I'd buy some Clorox if I were you.

    2. "The RLA changes will be bad for FedEx employees, the US economy, and customers". Care to explain that one a bit more fully, Mike? I can see how some customers might be upset, but UPS and other carriers will pick-up the slack (and the revenue stream). Golly, Mike, I'd sure hate to have a pension, a raise, and a legitimate grievance process. I'd also like to know that if I get hurt or sick that I won't lose my job after 90 days.

    3. "We will lose customers permanently to UPS, just as they did after the 1997 strike". Another lie. Many UPS customers have returned, especially those that have experienced the "superior" service from FedEx Ground. UPS provides superior service because they attract superior employees. End of story. By the way, Mike says that UPS Next Day Air is inferior to FedEx Priority Overnight and that the end of the RLA scam will detract from FedEx service. How? And their service levels for NDA are just as good as ours.

    4. "If UPS and the Teamsters want this so badly, how can it be good for you (the FedEx employee)?". Gee, Mike, where do I start on that one? The real reason FedEx doesn't want the RLA changed is simple. As long as the exemption stays in place, FedEx is guaranteed NOT to have a union. Without getting complicated, having right-to-work states and Republican-controlled states means that FedEx could never go union. Fred knows this. So does Mike. They don't want you to figure it out. If we can go union on a local basis, it's all over for the 20-year topouts, tiny raises, and pretend pension plans and they know that plenty of locations would vote for the Teamsters. If you live in a conservative area that is anti-union and your fellow workers feel the same way, well, you can stay poor and ignorant as long as you'd like to. Bottom line, Fred wants to continue to screw you and have you not be able to say anything.

    More huge lies from the WalMart of delivery (not airline) companies. Hey Mike, you suck too.
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    MrFedEx, the more I read your posts, I'm starting to think you're a union plant coming on here to voice your pro-union thoughts. If I felt as strongly against FedEx and their (as you put it) anti union policies, I would have been gone long ago.
  3. bbsam

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    You are not the first, nor will you be the last to have these thoughts. But all things being equal it really doesn't matter.
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    Mr. Fedex is pretty accurate in his posts. He has an understanding of the day to day operations that no "union plant" would understand. I applaud his efforts on this site to try to inform the public what life at Fedex is really like.
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    Showing any kind of Frontline/Upclose video like that with everything slanted so far one way is only gonna make the workforce that much more resentful.

    Fred and Mikey, get a clue.
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    Sorry for the error. I don't work at the ramp and I only heard his name. As far as me being a plant, please peruse many of my past posts that are extremely critical of the IBT and their passivity. I wish the Teamsters had enough initiative to even think-up the idea of having advocates for their cause on sites like this one. So once again, you're wrong.
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    Yep. They aren't doing themselves any favors by continuing to spread their manure.
  8. MrFedEx

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    Please suggest it to the Teamsters. I could always use the money. They're quite pathetic, but still a better avenue than Fred.
  9. bbsam

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    From what I've read around here, Fred pays his plants very well. Still haven't seen one of the checks, but haven't given up hope.
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    Mr Fedex you sound like a broken record.Its getting really boring around here because of you.Cant you post about something else?
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    I don't work at the ramp either and yet again you avoid my question/comment. Why have you been with a company you dislike so much?
    There is nothing else. After the House votes, 1 of 2 things will happen. Either he will come on here and gloat that his words/comments worked or he will bitch and moan for another 3 years.
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    Mr.Fedex nor myself are begging you to come here and read our messages. If you don't like it leave.
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    Then don't read it.
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    Here you go, Jackal. First, I continue to work for FedEx because I need a job that has benefits. I make most of my income via non-FedEx sources (real estate), but don't get insurance. Our plan sucks, but it's better than nothing. I have an exit strategy to leave, but would really like to see some changes in FedEx for friends who still have to work there. I maxed-out under the traditional plan, so my concern is for the folks who will be working there long-term, not for myself.

    Now answer my question for you, OK? Please explain to me why FedEx is fighting the RLA reclassification so mightily. Since all FedEx workers are happy and hate unions, Fred should just save his money and go ahead and do away with the exemption, right? The real issue is Smith's concern that he won't be able to underpay and control us as he has for 36 years and counting. If you want to be ignorant and underpaid, by all means please continue to support Fred and be his lackey, but why not let the rest of us decide if we want representation? I await your brilliant answer. You might want to get it approved by Maury before you post it.
  15. TheJackal

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    Whether you agree with his argument or not, it makes sense. FedEx Express moves 80% of its freight by plane, while UPS depends on trucks to move their freight. Yes, the final delivery is done by couriers in trucks, but would your opinion and peoples view change if we used cars?

    As for underpaid......I guess being the 2nd highest paid in the industry isn't good enough?

    1. Why doesn't the FAA bill have any provisions for DHL, TNT, etc? Maybe because FedEx is UPS's biggest threat? I guess the others are so small the union doesn't want to be bothered? After all, the dues they would collect from us will pay for the, soon to retire, UPS drivers pension.
    2. The last thing I need is another boss. I've read over and over how we do more work now for less pay. I've been with the company over 10 years and I don't work any harder today than when I started. Maybe I'm lucky? I don't know.

    Please read See how many UPS couriers tell the poster NOT to join the union. This coming from UNION MEMBERS. I don't like the union (I've been in a union before), nor do I trust the union. My father was in a union for 30 years and hated it. You think management is bad now. Let the union come in, it would get worse.....guaranteed. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you see stations shutting down. It happened with Walmart. 1 store voted to unionize....their answer, shut down the store. Now you penalize the people that voted against the union to begin with.

    I've read most of your posts and a part of me understands what you're saying. But, unlike me or many others here.......I don't try and jam my opinions (and they are only opinions) down everyone's throat by posting and re-posting the same thing over and over.
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The WalMart example you cited was in Canada and, yes, WalMart shut down the store.
  17. MrFedEx

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    Where do I start? First, FedEx does not move 80% of it's pkgs by air. Ever been to any of the hubs? There are thousands of truck runs every week that move everything from P1 to Heavyweight. Your figure is a mis-representation. Second, we are clearly underpaid relative to UPS. Another mis-representation. Third, DHL and TNT aren't covered by the RLA exemption clause. It only applies to FedEx Express and is unfair precisely for that reason. Why does Fred get such a special deal? Many DHL terminals were and are union. I don't know about TNT, but since they are a European company, I suspect that they are under the NLRA in the USA.

    As for UPS people who don't like unions...fine. I'm guessing they probably wouldn't feel the same way if they were making $10.00 less per hour and had their retirement taken away. The average UPS driver doesn't know how good they've got it relative to the competition.

    If Fred wants to shut union terminals down...let him. The problem with a national service is that it doesn't work very well when you can't provide said service. If he shuts-down LAX, for example, I think he might have a big problem on his hands.

    And as long as people like you keep posting crap, I'll counter it with facts and yes, my opinion too. If you don't care for it, read the postings of the FedEx synchophants that agree with Fred Smith and yourself.
  18. TheJackal

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    I knew that, but it was to make a point. Doesn't mean it can't happen here.

    Ever been to any of the hubs? I've been to Memphis. You rarely see another plane coming in or out other than FedEX planes (depending on the time of day)
    There are thousands of truck runs every week that move everything from P1 to Heavyweight. Not across country. How much of FedEx's business is P1 and P2 vs. UPS Next Day Air and Ground? There's a reason we have 3 times as many planes while they have twice as many trucks.
    Second, we are clearly underpaid relative to UPS. Another mis-representation. You keep saying we are underpaid relative to UPS. I merely pointed out we are the 2nd highest paid in the industry. EVERY industry has 1 company that pays more than others.
    Third, DHL and TNT aren't covered by the RLA exemption clause. That I was not aware of. I did a quick search, but couldn't find my answer.
    It only applies to FedEx Express and is unfair precisely for that reason. I'm sure Fred would fight FOR UPS to get an RLA exemption.
    Why does Fred get such a special deal?
    Better question....why is this such a hot topic all of a sudden, after 36 years. Nobody said anything when FedEx was formed. Could it be the union needs our money to pay the UPS drivers that will be retiring?
    If Fred wants to shut union terminals down...let him. Now your colors show. It's all about me, perfect fit for the union. Who cares about the next guy? You claim to be ready to retire and are doing this for the next guy. Couldn't be further from the truth. Why not retire and go to Washington. You would do more good there than posting here.
    The problem with a national service is that it doesn't work very well when you can't provide said service. If he shuts-down LAX, for example, I think he might have a big problem on his hands. Having been with the company for as long as you claim, you should know better. There's always a way around it.
    And as long as people like you keep posting crap, What crap did I post?

    Bottom line. FedEx is a threat to UPS's business. They'll do/try anything to get an advantage.
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    I love your Homer Simpson logic. I don't know the stats on the number of our planes vs. UPS, but FedEx includes the hundreds of feeder aircraft it owns in the totals. UPS usually farms-out their feeder (aircraft) business and doesn't paint them in UPS colors. Most of the FedEx feeder fleet is run by third party companies like Empire Air. Count wide and narrow body jets, not Cessnas, ATR's and Pipers, and you'll see much closer numbers.

    Memphis is a backwater airport that is the main FedEx hub. Of course, you're not going to see much flying in and out of MEM other than FedEx. And a lot of P1 and P2 run by truck. If either can be trucked, it is. Nobody wants to be in Memphis unless they have to. It's :censored2:.

    Who cares if we're "#2"? What does that have to do with being paid fairly or not? NOTHING. Ask Marge what she thinks. Or maybe Bart.

    Fred Smith has had a special deal since Day 1. It allows him to operate at a tremendous and unfair advantage over UPS, and everyone else for that matter. What's wrong with a "level playing field"? 36 years and counting is 36 years too long.

    Fred won't have a problem if he were to hypothetically shut-down LAX? Right. There might be ways around it, but they'd be expensive and deadly to service standards. It would be a huge problem.

    UPS and FedEx will both do anything to get an advantage. Such is the nature of the business. Fred Smith has had his way for nearly 4 decades, and UPS has never chosen to really challenge him...until now. Again, what's wrong with a fair and square ballgame where everyone has to play by the same set of rules? Fred makes his own and then buys politicians who make sure he gets to keep making them.

    Bottom line. FedEx and UPS move their overnight product exactly the same way via exactly the same means, yet one company has a perpetual advantage that allows it to bust unions, intimidate employees, and severely underpay them relative to the competition. Fair? NO. Your post is pure crap and you've just been blown to pieces...again. Keep trying.
  20. vantexan

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    Whether we make as much as UPS drivers or not is irrelevant. We aren't paid fairly for the work we do and FedEx has used lobbyists in Washington to make sure it stays that way. If anyone is satisfied with the pay he's getting and the future he'll have working for FedEx more power to him. I'm betting most don't feel that way and obviously by the way FedEx is fighting the reclassification they know what the majority of employees want.

    When I got out of the Air Force I moved to Memphis to live with my brother who was attending graduate school there. He worked in the Hub at night and eventually his wife got a computer programmer job with FedEx. Took me 10 months but got hired on in the Hub too. I first felt that Memphis was a "hole" too. But I eventually came to at least like it. Some of the friendliest people you'll find anywhere are there, to this day my best friends live in Memphis and I left 22 years ago. And I'll put Memphis pork barbeque up against any other city's b-b-q any day. By the way, the Memphis airport is considered a medium size hub, most major airlines fly there, and is quite busy.