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    Time to give it a standalone thread. The IS NJ Morristown Building is closing and the replacement location is on Valley Road in Wayne. What do you think about the whole thing? Post your thoughts, I'll go first.

    1. The new building seems pretty far from any major highway. If you look at the location, you'll see it is pretty equally far from 287, 80 and 208 . The current building is next to 287. Mahwah is right off 17 and close to 287. I bet the lease was cheap considering it is quite literally in the "middle of nowhere".

    2. Anyone south of the current location is going to be faced with the gauntlet of the 287/80/46 interchange. Your new commute will be significantly longer and more congested.

    3. Anyone south of the current building will probably start looking for a job in Mahwah one the internal jobs start opening up. It will take less time to get to Mahwah than the new location considering travelling to Mahwah will be major highway compared to 'country lanes'.

    4. I predict very few will actually leave UPS in 2010 because of the new location. The economy is still bad for IT and finding a new job will mean sacrifices including the possibility of an even longer commute.

    5. A lot of people I spoke to in the Morristown building actually will have their commutes shortened. If this was intentional, kudos to the planners.

    6. A big duh to the current building's owner. With the commercial real estate market crashing, your building is probably going to remain empty like the refurbished building behind the Morristown location. What were you thinking?

    7. A big duh to the Morristown town council. Failing to step in to help keep UPS is plainly stupid. Lots of local businesses are going to notice when Motown is closed. I wonder if the Morristown town council even knew or cared?
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    I had IE "Building & Facilities" responsibilities in the District and Region for 7 years. Our Real Estate people know their stuff and the IE's help crunch the numbers.
    We negotiate tough and call their bluff every time. Many of these leasers don't believe we will actually leave and can't believe when we do.
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    Good luck in Wayne N.J. with the first heavy rain, wayne is constantly flooded
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    Heavy rain, biblical floods can not out weigh the "intangible benefits" of this new site.
    I hope Hoax's esteemed colleges drown.
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    I'll have to go to school on this with my colleagues.

    BILLYB New Member

    Our center is built on a swamp! Talk about cheap real estate! Volume has grown but not our parking lot so we must park on the private unmaintained road and jump across the swamp whenever MGT is visiting!
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    >My prediction

    My prediction.....Morristown is just the first of many IS buildings to be closed in the next few years.
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    This is like saying don't move to Florida because of the hurricanes. One small portion of Wayne floods, (blame the media for all the publicity). The area on Valley Rd with the office parks is quite high and dry. It's probably about 10-15 min from Rt 80 and about the same from Rt 287/rt 208 if you know some of the backroads. Of course the increased traffic from the move depending on start times may affect this.
  9. whiskeyagogo

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    Morristown is closing and being moved to another location. Are the other leases up? :happy2:

    I understand with the outsourcing that we will need less space. You would think if it was an aggressive process they would just close Motown with no replacement. Why lease something you won't need?
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    Perhaps the outsourcing isnt panning out as it was hoped? Ive heard mixed results from some of the groups. It seems the systems that already had absolute minimal support time put into them are "success" stories, while the stuff that has alot of support time has been failing. Interesting that the stuff we spent hardly zero time on "worked" to outsource. I wonder how little money that really saves if it was 1 of 10 systems a single person "supported". (especially if that same person is sitting there now supporting 9 systems AND now we are paying to outsource that 1 system)

    Or, perhaps its a short length lease contract? (It doesnt take much to just let a lease end and empty your junk out of the building ) If thats the case, UPS needs those people in the short time, and after the lease ends is out nothing. The lease to me says that UPS at least plans to have more of us around than will fit in the buildings besides MoTown... at least in the short term!
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    Any idea how big this place in Wayne is? I find it kind of interesting that Wayne in located almost in the middle of the existing NJ IS locations
  12. whiskeyagogo

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    People in Morristown who heard the original PCM tell me UPS will only occupy a portion of the building. I figure there are probably 300 or so people in Motown now, so it must be a relatively large building.
  13. Scuba_Steve

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    >Perhaps the outsourcing isnt panning out as it was hoped?

    Well ALL KNOW that no matter what the reality is.....the outsourcing will be a complete and total success. In fact it will most likely be hailed as one of the biggest IS achievements in decades.

    There is no way the mgmt is going to loose face on this decision.
  14. randomUPSISer

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    I can say with certainty that you do indeed work for UPS I.S., and have for a while :happy-very:
  15. We have seen the enemy and they is us. Let's declare victory and go home for Christmas.

    Go UPS!
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    Is the big guy coming to your house tomorrow?
  17. No...I let him have a descretionary day.

    Go UPS!
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    Can we get out of Mahwah and go to Wayne ? I would rather travel the extra 12 miles than stay in Mahwah !!!
  19. Pizzaman

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    i have friends in Ramsey, some actually like it. There's no food service like Mahwah but they have a food court down stairs.
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