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    How to Build a Tiny, Mortgage Free Home Using Cash Only

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    We have had them here for ages !

    Btw, even slept in 1 overnight (teepee camping ground).
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    I actually thought about you when I read this article klein. Less is more, too much waste, too big of houses, etc.

    This approach is consistent with many of your posts and what I perceived to be your approach to life.

    Your thoughts?
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    That is one of the many beautiful aspects of the American dream is one can have whatever they choose when it comes to their homes. Whether you want a big house or a small house is up to you, and there is always a way to get what you want if you are willing to work for it and take the time to achieve it. Living mortgage free is a dream a lot of us have, and is one that many of us can achieve if we make the necessary choices in our lives to allow that to happen. Approximately 30% of all homes in the U.S. are mortgage free so the assertion that everyone is living to the max when it comes to their mortgage unless they live in a tiny home is simply false. Everyone has to choose for themselves how they want to live, and how they expect to pay for it. I personally would not trust a home I built myself because I have no experience building a structure that is meant to last my lifetime. Kudos to the guy in the video for earning his American dream in his own way.
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    Remember geodesic domes? These were big when I was a young married.
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    Something my wife, son and I are looking at is construction with Cob, a technology that's been around 1000's of years and across many cultures. As I'm nearing retirement, we are looking to downscale (size and cost wise) and my son is thinking of his own future so this technology does present an option. I do have the skills to build houses as well as electrical, plumbing, etc. and we are giving serious thought to attending a Cob construction school to learn the techniques. I've been amazed at what can be done with this material, it's thermal mass qualities in both heating and cooling and it's practically free in most all areas as a building material.

    This video below doesn't explain the how part but it does give a visual idea of what is possible and on a very low cost basis. I've talked with someone up in central/southern Tenn. and they've built Cob homes for under $10k so it does raise questions of what is possible if zoning and other market barriers were removed. My son and I are talking about building a Cob oven on the back patio just as an opportunity to work with the material and see what we think.

    I first came across the Cob concept after seeing this documentary but be forewarned the prologue is made up of several radical treehuggers like Derrick Jensen but once you get beyond that, the history and how this material works is really pretty cool IMO.
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    I actually help build one of those back in 1974' when I was in high school. I had a job working for a builder and he designed a dome using a series of triangles. My head still hurts from all the geometry and compound saw cuts. And we didn't have double compound mitre saws back in the day. Every one was hand cut. The thing was a 8itch to seal from leaks and we used cedar shakes for the roofing but the thing is about 15 minutes from where I live and it's still there and still livable. About 10 years ago I happen to ride by and the people were out in the yard so I took a big chance and stopped. Glad I did because they loved it and even took me inside for a nice visit. It really is a cool space and something about not having square walls is relaxing and appealing.
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    There ain't no easy way to get a mortgage free home.:welcomecat:
    The equation is simple, kinda.
    It is not a direct proportional equation, since time is the only constant.
    If you have the $, less effort and time.
    I became mortgage free mainly by effort and time.
    One year of my wife and I designing our home.
    13hrs a day was spent commuting to UPS, to earn the $.
    Worked 4 to 6hrs after work and 12hrs Sat and Sunday building our home.
    (Jeez, I wish I could still function on 3 to 4hrs sleep)
    It did not feel hard at the time, but the time was well spent.