Most elaborate theivery inside UPS you've witnessed

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    Meadowlands hub, early 21st century...Overgoods department was run by three day time workers all in cahoots. One worked pharmaceuticals; another jewelry; and the last electronics. Mind you these were all 20 plus year employees. The department was is so much disarray daily. The three of them would box up all the stolen items and ship them out to a place nearby where a dock employee in on the deal would sign for the packages. This went on for over a year and a half. Myself and another clerk noticed and passed the information on to management but they didn't believe us. Six months later they were finally busted. Over 400 packages containing more than 1.5 million dollars worth of goods. Big write up in the papers and the employees got fired and the one with the pharmaceuticals was up for jail time. One of them actually begged for his job back. Of course myself and the other clerk never received any monies for reporting the thieves.

    Anything bigger in your district?
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    i saw one guy get caught well some other employee thought he was top flight security and "handled" him until security got there. i asked
    a sup what happened exactly and the guy was seeing by a few ppl trying to pocket a $1500 watch, i heard of another guy that would steal in
    front of loss prevention but from what i understood the loss prevention did not say anything to their bosses so guy still works in my hub but
    hes in a different shift.
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    What happened to the reward money that is posted on signs around the facility?

    It seems that you should have received that money.

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    Sups making deliveries.

    Safety guys being coded as safety, but yet running bulk, miss-loads and air meets.

    Drivers delivering airs with grounds, prerecording the grounds and pulling up to stop later in the day and stop completing.

    Drivers driving off area to stop at home.

    Sups making deliveries, then combining their board with another drivers board.
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    The ceo of a security firm on my old route, told me of a story that happened in Milwaukee in the 70's. It sounds similar to yours however, this involved entire center. He said they had guys brought in and worked for weeks undercover. They couldn't pinpoint who did it so they fired everyone. Like I said, it's what he said but don't know why he would lie.
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    During the early 1980's we had a Billing Clerk that would take the checks that were mailed into the General Office that were made payable to UPS and change them to MRS and add a name behind it and cash them. Stupid but he got away with it for a pretty good while!
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    Read the small print on those posters "upon conviction" .
    If they confess = no reward .
    A conviction can only result if there is an actual trial .
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    We had a driver working a shopping mall route. Over a period of time he was taking cell phones, Xbox's, Playstations and other various electronics to an apartment complex close by where his girlfriend lived. Took awhile but LP caught home and found stolen goods in three garages at three locations. Over $50k of merchandise.

    Funny part is, a utility driver was told to come out with an empty P-10 and pick up the stolen merchandise. I heard the truck was full.

    Also had another driver steal a gun and then pawned it at a local pawn shop. I was on vacation at the time, but local police and ATF showed up at the Hub, cuffed him and took him away.

    Its just not worth it.
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    Donna may look it up
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    lol my commas and periods never go where they belong look at all my posts. hell i dont even know how i passed high school.
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    I was going to give your post a "like", but didn't feel comfortable putting a "like" on a post with nothing else other then this picture. So this will have to do.
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    C'mon, every driver has one pair of shorts like those!
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    I have three styles of shorts. The newest being way to long and stiffer. A few that are way to short. And 3 that are pretty good. Those 3 are being held together by a few pieces of thread. Hate to see them go.
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    We had someone on the preload change labels on guns to a local address.
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    I could never wear shorts like that in public. I have a mid-thigh tan line that would look funny. Plus I have ADD and can't hold enough interest to actually read a book.
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    A side note on reward money. I alerted management about suspicious next day air letters to a few addresses from Texas to a town I deliver to.

    They were sending documents for illegal immigrants to use to get false identification. I worked with the Secret Service for a while identifying the homes and people involved. It resulted in arrests being made.

    UPS cut me a check for $ 1000, and the Secret Service presented me with a plaque that I keep in my illegal poker room.
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    The most elaborate thievery I've witnessed at any US corporation is all the PT sup's working in every work area, literally, every working day of the year.
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    Wow! What do you do with all of that grievance money? Motorcycle? Boat? College fund for the kids?