Mother's Day Special Operations

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  1. robbdogg75

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    Hello everyone,

    Have a question about this past Saturday. I was forced to drive airs (special ops for mother's day) since I'm a TCD. As I delivered, I noticed ground packages (flower boxes). I delivered about 5 ground pieces. Ask sup if I was getting ground pay instead of air pay. He said no, that those ground pieces were upgraded to air. There was no new label stating that it was an air just the ground label. Can they "upgrade" ground pieces and then pay me just air pay. I would understand if the label was changed to air but it clearly stated ground. If anyone has any knowledge about this, i would appreciate the info.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Yes, the ground pieces can be upgraded to air and, no, you are not entitled to ground pay.
  3. robbdogg75

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    Okay, seems crazy to me, but it is what it is. Thanks
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    Why don't you just file for the pay and see what happens. Can't hurt right?
  5. RonBurgandy??????????

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    I agree. File. We were told Friday to pullanysend agains that looked like a gift. If no new label then they weren't upgraded to air. File Can't hurt
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    Grieve it and bring the 1z# to the hearing.
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    Yes, the ground pieces can be upgraded to air, and, YES, you are entitled to ground pay. See your steward and file a grievance. Once you deliver ground packages you are no longer an air driver, you are a package driver. Believe me. You will win this grievance.If you allow the management team to get away with this, they will do it all the time. Stick up for yourself. Make them adhere to the contract.
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    Take that upgraded package....................................................................................................and shove it up your Sups...A.......S.................S........!!!
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    Shoving it up the supes anus might make you feel better, but nothing fixes bad UPS supervisor behavior better than collecting a fat grievance check... Don't get me wrong, we all sometimes want to put a package in an unnatural orafice, however, the corporation is used to this and as a result only responds to paying out free money.
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    What if a seasonal driver covers an air route and is given ground deliveries as well? Would they get the seasonal rate or top rate for ground? Thanks
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    Was told during the PCM for the Saturday Mothers Day deal that it was a special contract they had with the flower shippers. I assume they just upgraded based on shipper number, and relabeling wasn't necessary. They showed up in the board with the proper commits.