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  1. OrioN

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    Y is my subcontractor group wasting $ on this when the new tc77 powerpad has this available ???


    It's ~ $40 per device, plus $20/ month

    My other thread on the scanners: does that same thing...


    I guess they'll be surprised with my run/gun style to getting done 2 hours quicker than before:

    or are they gonna cut my route so I don't be speeding in the barren section of my route???
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    Good way to get fired
  3. OrioN

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    We're not hourly, so yeah. I tried the speed limit of the barren section, and all vehicles just blow past me.

    It was a crazy Saturday night... I was speeding home after my last stop at about 2200

    a state trooper just passes me on the right shoulder of the road! No flashing lights...

    I did deliver his chewy box 2 hours earlier though
  4. Star B

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    because that Xirgo that's in the OBD2 port will do vehicle on/off (idle times, something your handheld can't by itself), it also can read OBD2 error codes, seat belt usage, shift indicators (don't be slamming it in R while doing 20mph), TPMS sensors, etc.

    I'd tell you more that that device can do but I'm bound by a Xirgo NDA for.... reasons.
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  5. OrioN

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    Sooo, telematics...

    If I follow ups methods, I'll be out there until midnight like last peak. I'll do it the safe way and see how late my Friday and Saturday will be...

    Better use than this would be to hire another supplement driver / rental vehicle or a FedEx branded one.

    A fellow driver has quit and they had to split his route into 2... he was in a p1000 & was earning less than me when he was clearly humping 2X the amount of boxes in a denser area than mine.
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    "Don't mess with my discount!!"