Motorcycle mogul killed in crash.....

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by diesel96, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. diesel96

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    We lost a man who did good things for his community and practically revitalized the Harley experience in the South.....Ironically killed in on his way to a Bike Rally in Sturgis.....If you ever in Fla traveling south down I-95 visit Destination Daytona mm 178....can't miss it, right off the Interstate....
  2. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    Wonder why he tried to pass a turning vehicle........I guess we will never know.

    Shame, really nice guy!

  3. moreluck

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    One of the reports I read said he probably didn't see the blinkers for the left turn.
  4. bubsdad

    bubsdad "Hang in there!"

    Very sad. Hard to say what the circumstances were. Just sucks another enthusiast has been lost.
  5. barnyard

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    I would not be surprised if the blinkers did work, but were not used. I've seen it enough.

    I am on another forum where he was a member. Heck of a guy with a lot of friends from all over the country.