Movies worse than mortal kombat

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by OrioN, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. OrioN

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    Starring David Hasselhoff as "LaDouche"

    Uh, yeah...[​IMG]
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    Finish me !
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    46EEDA0D-8D04-4C13-BD82-2A65A8BD7718.jpeg This one sucked ,I remember going on a date to see this one.Hell they had an intermission for this movie.I ate so much popcorn watching this crap.
  5. OrioN

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    I kinda liked that movie, it's better than mortal kombat fer sure!

    LoL, I'm trying to finish this terrible YouTube movie... omg, just finished it...

    I got "Rick Rolled"

    Was looking for the actual title and thumbnail to that YouTube movie but found "the dancing ninja" instead

    One of my pet peeves in the movie :Who tf uses a paper phone book these days???
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    Lol! Face it. Everyone knows that movie was bad.
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    That movie wasn’t bad. You shoulda done the buttered popcorn trick instead of eating it all!
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    @KOG72 on his date.
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    Not as bad as your face.
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