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  1. landon

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    i just started working for UPS (about 4 months now) so i'm not very familiar with the company yet. there is so much to learn! but i was wondering, well im 19 and live in a very cold region. my girlfriend hates it and wants to move after college. and i would like to stick with UPS and get to a driving position. say i start driving eventually and my gf and i wanted to move. is there anyway UPS transfers employees? would you lose your seniority? and would it effect pay if you can even transfer.

    Maybe this is a 'newb' question but the only way to learn is to ask questions.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Transfers are normally limited to educational transfers. You would lose your seniority within your bldg but not with UPS. Your pay is not affected by a transfer. If you are not going to school you would most likely quit at your current location and apply at your new location. Keep in mind that going this route does not guarantee that you will be hired at your new location, even though you would then be a former employee.
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    sounds like a lot of risk :S
  4. landon

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    so say in several years i was driving and wanted to move i'd have to apply at another city and start from scratch? start unloading again?
  5. User Name

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    yup.......if not, nobody would deliver in all the crappy weather....
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    As far as I know they don't transfer people. Unless you are in management and then they move you where they want you. If you are sticking around to get a driving job it might be awhile. But then again there is alot of people retireing so you never know. Good Luck!
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    If you are stil part time in a few years and want to move get an education transfer. If there is a community college in the area you want to move to enroll in it for the semester so you will be eligible. Granted, you will lose your building seniority, but youll keep pay rate and vacation time.
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    As the other have said UPS doesn't do transfer unless you are a PT employee enrolled in a approve school and the building near there has and opening and the management at that building accepts you. IF you become a driver you can't transfer.

    IF you quit and try to get rehired in an other location you risk being put on the no rehire list. Which mean you pretty much will never work for UPS again.

    You might have to choose between a good paying job with good benifits in the cold with a new girlfriend or a minimun wage job with no benifits down south with your current girlfriend.
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    Post pictures of your girlfriend. This thread is worthless without pics.
  10. Braveheart

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    Only part-timers can transfer and only with a bonifide college transfer with pre-approval from UPS in advance.

    ZERO transfers for full timers.

    I have only seen one full timer transfer and it was due to his wife's cancer and her Dr was a specialist in another town in the same state.

    His seniortiy went to bottom in pecking order but he retained all vacations. He just picked last. Another thing that needs to be fixed in contract. But people keep voting yes on first contract offer. I wish I sold cars to all these people.
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    haha! she is a cutie ;) and i think she will understand and stay with me in the frigid north
  12. cachsux

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    Dump the girl. If a little cold is too much for her then all the other trials and tribulations you`ll encounter once you make driver will end your relationship entirely. Get out now before you have to give away half your stuff.
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    Let me add this scenario: Your girlfriend graduates college, you quit and move and end up in a warm climate, far away from home. Then you break up. Wouldn't you feel like an idiot then?
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    Here they put up a transfer list every year. getting a transfer depends on the needs of the area you want to go. If there is not an opening then no go. We have had 2 drivers transfer to our building in the last 9 years. They did lose building seniority but not company.
  15. trplnkl

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    Not near as risky as moving with a girlfriend far away from her Momma and Daddy, then expecting to stay where you moved to. I know you believe the two of you will be together forever(and you might) but the odds are against you without the added pressure of being away from home.

    See best answer below. vvvv

  16. abc123

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    AFAIK, you are guaranteed a transfer if you are transferring due to: a) your day job in the military transfers you, b) your spouse's job transfers her(I'm sure it has to be spouse, not girlfriend), or c) you have an ill parent that needs assistance. This may just be for part timers though.
  17. trplnkl

    trplnkl 555

    Where do you get this info?
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Please do not post misinformation. There are no guarantees at UPS and all transfer requests are handled on an individual basis.
  19. abc123

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    I'm sorry, AFAIK means as far as I know, FYI (for your information). Meaning I wasn't positive. That info is from my full time supervisor. Like I said, I think this is just for part timers or my supervisor was incorrect. My dad was given a military transfer as a part timer back in 97.
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    I recommend going part time supervisor, I have transferred as a part-time sup and its not that hard. You can do it either if your getting married or going to school somewhere. I also tried and failed to do it as an hourly.