Moving to newly built UPS building.

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  1. UPS is almost finished with a new building in my area that will take routes from 4-5 buildings in 2 different counties. One of my stewards has told me of the tentative terms our BA is negotiating for employees moving there. It is basically a voluntary quit and rehire, but you will keep your years accumulated toward pension. They are going to open after the new contract. Before I speak to my BA , I wanted to get input. UPS cannot be trusted to do the fair thing. How are they going to settle the seniority date for 40-50 new drivers?
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    The contract addresses this issue in great detail.
  3. My current building is a special case. We are a small part-time air driver only building. We would not be following our work. The center will stay open and not lose any work. The contract specifies dovetailing seniority for following work, but that's not what we would be doing. Right?
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    Don't do it. Put your name on the transfer list.
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    This is where the union is going to earn their dues. If I were the BA, I would advise everyone to NOT sign an intent to quit and move. UPS is counting on many to do this. If no one does it, they will allow transfers, which will also allow those that move to maintain pay.

    UPS is doing this to save money.
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    They have to accept transfers before hiring off the street. I would put in for a transfer. Or classification transfer if you want a full time job
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    Wait wait wait. Hold on one second. Your route is being moved to a new building, and they want you to quit and be rehired? And start off at beginner pay and wait four years OT get to full rate? You’re kidding me.
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    Here, if work is moved to a different building, you may follow that work. Your seniority dovetails.
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    Good luck to that new center with all off the street hires. It'll be closed down by May.
  10. rod

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    This is BS. UPS don't build new buildings
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  11. TearsInRain

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    our cap ex is through the roof for the foreseeable future
  12. john chesney

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    Quit rehire my ass. You better call the international and start filling grievances
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    "Re-hire" WTF? They can't even hire!
  14. Austin.Was.My.Hero

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    Your BA disagrees.
  15. eats packages

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    bruh my 8 ye... months of seniority are important to me. No way they would get me to quit for anything.

    Seems like you get zippered in automatically if 50% of your work is at the new center.
    Otherwise you transfer (definitely no quitting and rehiring) to the new center.
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    ...or he could let his union local do their jobs before going over their heads...
  17. john chesney

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    If I’m being told to quit and be rehired I’m not doing it. The contract is clear about following work to a different center. At the minimum I’m filing a grievance to have it on record
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  18. Thanks for the response. You are absolutely right. It's a gamble though because the last chance my small building allowed our part-time drivers to go full time in another building was 9 years ago. If I don't do this now, who knows when the next opportunity might arise. I already have 11 years part-time in the company.
  19. Jones

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    Whenever a center or hub is partially closed and the work of
    package drivers and all other regular employees, part-time and full-
    time, excluding feeder drivers, is transferred to or absorbed by
    another center, the affected employees may either follow their work
    and have their seniority dovetailed in the new center or be allowed
    to exercise their seniority in their present center and displace the
    least senior employee in their respective classifications. If any of
    the employees whose work is transferred elects not to follow his/her
    work, then he or she shall have the same rights as the remaining
    employees on the seniority list from which the work was transferred
    to bid the work being transferred. Those employees who follow the
    work shall have their seniority dovetailed in the new center.
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  20. No. My small building is 95% part-time air drivers. There are no bid routes in our bldg. We deliver EAMs for the whole county and 10:30 NDA for certain zip codes. The air volume was too much for the surrounding bldgs to handle, so they built my bldg 15-17 years ago. The new building will not be taking work away from us. There is no work to follow. That's the problem.