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    I am in the mapp process. I have now the opportunity to move my family to another state.

    I know transfer is far and few between. But I know I have two options. Get promoted don't tell anyone my plan of moving then pop the move after they think they have a new supervisor and have invested so much time and money, I know this will piss off managers and they will be bitter about loosing me. The other option be up front and tell them about my goal for moving before I start new job as sup. After I pass mapps get put into potential supervisor pool in new state instead of the pool where I am now.

    I am looking for any advise? Especially from any hr managers out there? Has anyone seen this happen? Is it possible? Any comments and suggestions welcome. Thanks for the support. I know the new mapps process is different now bc the panel interview in generic phone panel across the country instead of being from district managers. This may be a Benefit to me. Especially since when I'm eligible to be out into potential FT supervisor pool I can just get manager to influence me to get put into pool in new state. ??!!!!?????!!!??? THANKS AGAIN FOR INPUT
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    I'm sorry, but you aren't starting your potential full time management career on the right foot. You are asking if you should tell the truth or not? Someone who needs to ask that question should not be promoted. Also, in a very short question to the board, you had numerous spelling errors, syntax errors etc. I hope that during your persuit of a job, you were more careful with your verbal and written skills
    My news isn't all bad, UPS does allow trailing spouse relocations. Also, due to the consolidations of the districts, our districts are much larger then before and relocating within a district is relatively easy. So if you are planning to relocate within your current district boundaries would increase your odds of being able to relocate. if you do plan on moving outside of your current district geography it will be much more difficult for this request to be approved.
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    This is as bad as the hourly who transfers under false pretenses or abuses the bereavement benefit.
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    Sorry about the grammar I am using my iPhone app here and didn't think this was so formal with how we edit. Maybe you didn't get what I was trying to say. But I totally get what you are saying about lying and telling the truth. I guess let me be more clear. I had two options and actually chose the route of telling my manager my plan of relocating. She is very supportive of me and on board, but hasn't never seen someone promoted into another district straight from the FT supervisor pool. So my questions again are has anyone seen this happen or is it possible.? I took the route of being up front because I wanted to save my manager a headache from having to promote me and then being turnover to another division. After all if I was a manager and invested time and money into promoting someone I wouldn't want to let them go so quick. Hence I chose to be up front. But also on the other hand I have never heard not seen anyone get promoted like this. How does the actual Potential FT supervisor pool work after passing mapps? Do you think it's possible to get placed into the pool in my new location rather then where I am now, given that I have passes all requirements for mapps? Thanks again for comments.
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    Also let me add I chose to move up into management a long time ago way before the opportunity came to move my family. I have been with the company over ten years and pursued and finished my degree working as a full time driver 3 years ago knowing I would move up off the truck one day.

    However after being married and three babies under two, we have an opportunity to take over my wife deceased grandmother house. Everything about the situation is right for our family and raising children next to grandparent is ideal. Jensen why we are moving. It just so happen to come along as I was in the middle of the mapps process. I didn't decide to get promoted to transfer.
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    I have no idea how the FT supervisor applicant pool works but I am glad that you chose to do the right thing.
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    I agree with Upstate. As far as your question, I have not seen it myself. It doesn't mean it hasn't or will not happen. Although I am a little out of touch on the current local operations status with hiring of FT supervisors. Good luck.
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    Going back to Beentheredonethat's comment - is this a different district or just a different division within the same district? If it's the later, it happens, but not necessarily to the place where you want. You could end up further away from you wife's grandmother's place. The former is very rare and usually involves hardship related pieces. You would need the support for either of not just your immediate manager, but also to be known by the division manager, so that during the next people's meeting you are remembered favorably.

    A lateral would be more likely rather than a promotion right out the gate to another district/division.

    The easiest route would be to wait for the MCO (Management Career Opportunities aka Job Board) Site to come back online and to go for a position either lateral or a promotion within there.
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    Great advise brown suit. The transfer is not the same division it's across the country. I know it's going to take some serious pulls from both sides. I already have the support from my center manager. I just hope her referral is sufficient enough for the new division to promote me per her word. I know having a contact in the new division is essential and hopefully they are as supportive as my boss.

    I know like you said the lateral is the way to go, first get promoted then transfer. But that's what I was trying not to piss off my division managers here by having such a quick turnover of a new sup who they were investing time. Them thinking how we have just filled a empty seat only to have me transfer and its empty again.

    That's why I chose to be up front thinking they would respect that but on the other hand It worries me some upper managers not going to give a rats ass about where I want to raise my kids. I know that going into management I can be moved anywhere where they want me, which I accept.

    It does seem to me that my manager also me longtime onroad sup. is very supportive and willing to help. We have a close relationship and she has seen my progress over my ten years with ups. But my concern is do upper management still have heart for family like the old days??? ( please no wise ass cracks from you union boys, I already know your thoughts on that question, I want to know what supervisors opinions are based on experience). Thanks again.
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    When do u think this will be back up? Do they take it down for peak season? How long has it been down?
  11. beentheredonethat

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    Eventually it will probably be back up. However, I think this will be down for a year or more. I think a lot of the older div mgr level and higher did not like this site. They wanted 100% control in a person's career. They wanted to control what a person did, when they did it etc. It's a lot easier to manage when it's a one way street then when it's a two way street and they did not like losing the power.
    This is similar, in my opinion, to about 15+ years ago when business casual was first coming out. It was authorized by corporate and some districts tried it, but many districts (esp dist mgrs) did not like it and shut it down after a small trail. They like the old ways of doing things. Eventually, business casual gained enough traction and it is the "norm" now at UPS. I think in a similar way, the job web site was a trial balloon it was stopped and will be discussed and then eventually allowed to occur. However, I bet this is at least a year away.
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    I believe you're right that many division managers don't like the option of having a supervisor or manager move, but it's not because they "wanted 100% control in a person career." It's because they are responsible for results, and corporate doesn't care who tranfers, or gets sick or quits- corporate want to see the business plan attained. The details are the division managers problem.

    Therefore, if a division manager does his/her job, and takes the time to develop people, they expect dual benefits- the promoted person move ahead AND the center and division are successful. When a division manager can do the right thing and develop people, and then a corporate HR program allows that person to move, then only corporate and the promoted employee are happy. The division and center still have an job opening.

    The answer to the original question is easy. Get into management first. That's the first step. Then look into your options. If you tell everyone you are going into management in order to relocate, you may be passed over for a person who intends to stay put in your location. Good luck, let us know how it works out.
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    I agree with beenheredonethat. I know someone that got a position through this site that they'd never have gotten through their division manager. The division manager wouldn't have recommended them because of bitterness and spite but they're going to be an asset to the company in their new position.