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    My wife moved to LA for work. She's currently working out there while im still working in RI. Im trying to transfer out there. Does anyone have any advice to give me.
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    here's some advice : don't let the next 30 posts hurt your feelings or depress you
    OK.............. and so it begins
  3. Bagels

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    Transfers are prohibited. You may wish to inquire about a de facto transfer... in which you quit & are re-hired as an off the street employee, starting over. We have a few drivers who went that route. Or if your wife banks sufficient monies, she can commute via air to work.
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    Not everywhere are they prohibited. We can transfer anywhere in our region for any reason.
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    Are you part time or full time
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    You can go into management and if your wife makes more money then you, you then can get a hardship transfer. I believe that's what it's called but I know for fact due to a friend of mine did that exact thing in transferring to Texas from California. It was roughly 5 years ago that he transferred.
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    I am betting this is not going to turn out well for the OP. Unless turning out well, means finding a job with a company other than UPS.
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    I wish I was that lucky!!!lol
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    Advice? I would of gathered more info than going on a public forum and asking before I let my wife move across country to work.
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    Beats the other guy moving to China.
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    I wonder how he made out?:surprised:
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    Just show up at a LA hub in your browns ready to work.
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    Which LA? Lower Alabama, Louisiana, or Los Angeles, Ca?
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    There is only one LA.
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    I should rephrase---for those of us with all of our teeth who are not unusually close to their opposite-sex siblings there is only one LA.
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    You're not commenting on somethng far from your neck of the woods....are you ?? You have no context. Besides, that's just insulting to all Louisianans.
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    Yeah, like Britney Spears!
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    She has a nice set.....of teeth.