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  1. BUCN85

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    Today at a stop I scanned my 2 cod pkgs and then the lady told me she had only 1 check left. So she wrote out the cod with the total in 1 check going to same sender. When I did my turn in I ended up to turn in 1 check but my Diad obviously shows 2. How the hell do you combine them? Is there a way? I've never had to do this before and couldn't figure out if there's a way to combine them. Thanks.
  2. Gumby

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    Big arrow down type in the total of the check,should equal zero do.

    Must have the same shipper number.
  3. BUCN85

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    Hm. Interesting don't believe o was ever showed or told about this. Learn something new it a big deal that I turned in and signed for 1 check with the total of the 2
  4. Gumby

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    Not really. They will figure it out.
  5. Grey

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    I asked a veteran driver about this and he said all that matters is the check equaling the combined total even if you're completing the stop "with discrepancies".
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    Many many things they don't teach at inagrad
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    The fact that he has to learn this from strangers on the Internet and couldn't just ask a driver standing next to him speaks volumes.
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  8. Gumby

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    Trust me,my head still hurts from peak. District manager (whom I really DONT know) asked me to fix these guys.
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    Say you have 2 cod's, one for 500, and a 2nd for 600, with one check for 1,100.
    On the diad 4, scan the first and enter 500 for the amount, and for the amount of the check enter 1,100.
    It will show the amount collected is not equal to the amount of the cod and asks continue?.
    Press y for yes, scan the 2nd, enter the amount of the cod 600.00
    It will then let you finish closing out the stop.
    The diad 5 may be different.
  10. Gumby

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    No Diad V yet?
  11. clean hairy

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    Will get the 5 at the same time Orion can run a route better than a driver!
  12. brownmonster

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    That's kind of backwards. Use it as a calculator. Put in the first amount, then the second amount, it will show the total to be collected for all packages with that same shipper number.
  13. clean hairy

    clean hairy Well-Known Member

    True, hard to change it once you get accustomed to doing it a certain way.
  14. By The Book

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    So what your saying is you'll get the 5 when we've had the 6 awhile and the packages scan themselves?
  15. Cactus

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    COD's are ridiculous in this day and age. They belong in the past.

    Besides I'm not really convinced there's much profit in them, especially with deadbeat residentials that order stuff on a whim and can't afford to pay for them.

    Too many reattempts involved too many times.
  16. Oak

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    This was actually covered. Not that I will remember how to do it when the time comes.....
  17. oldngray

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    If the checks don't match exactly what is recorded in your DIAD the bank charges UPS a fee to reconcile the discrepancy. Even more importantly, if accounting loses a check and its not the same as what your DIAD says you turned in then UPS might claim you owe for the COD since the records never showed you turning in that check. So you should always take the little bit of extra time to make sure all of your checks are correctly recorded in the DIAD.
  18. Zak93

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    Does is matter who the check is made out to? Either UPS or the sender?
  19. govols019

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  20. scratch

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    Checks are made out to the shipper's name on the package, unless the COD is an international that needs a Customs Brokerage Fee. On multiple CODs from the same shipper, there is "Multiple" option to add the amounts together into one check.