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    Scale this up a little bit, what if 4 or 5 locals deceide they want there own contracts will the rest of the company always be under the treat of a strike becuase each local is not happy, that is not solidarity, there should only be 1 master. The more masters there are it becomes watered down.

    The power comes from being united, The reason for suppliments was to address local concerns, not for each local to have a seperate contract.

    Local 705 wants better wages/benefits then the rest and they want the rest of the company to go on strike to help them get it. And they might get it, but what happens when other locals try the same thing and want to pull out of the master contract and negoitiate there own?

    It weakens majority becuase there no longer united as one.
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    So what are you suggesting here? That Ups/Teamster package employees should be working under the same NMA as Ups/Teamster freight employees? Do we carry this supposition even further and suggest UPS Pilots should become Teamsters and work under the same contract suggested above? How about the mechanics who are currently with a Machiniats Union, should we also demand that they become Teamsters under the same NMA to create unity?

    The point is there will always be dissention, as that's just the nature. For anyone to suggest that it somehow damages unity within the Teamsters National is Hogwash. But let's say you disagree with that, well then why not remove all the supplements throughout the country under the same reasoning?

    In 25 years, I have witnessed only one work stoppage because of lack of contract. Guess what it wasn't initated by either 705 or 710, but yet they honored it.

    What if a contract violation occurs in a small local at some time that's so egregious to cause them to walk out. Do the rest of us tell them they can't because of the effect it will have on the other 99%?

    Problem is most of the people chiming in with an opinion that reflects your's haven't even seen what is happening in Chicago, nor have they read the proposals, nor do they even know the language in the NMA.
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    no, I am saying that exactly what I said, that when locals want to pull out of a master contract to get there own it only weakens the majority of where they pulled out of.

    Like I said scale this up and say in 5 years from now there are 4 or 5 locals with there seperate contracts and they all expire at different times should the 150,000 upsers that are in the master contract go on strike every time a local is not happy with there negotiations?

    Why you brought up mixing freight, pilots and parcel has nothing to do with my point those are complete seperate industries and contracts, I am talking about locals wanting there own contracts instead of a master.
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    Nowhere,other than from the mouths of the company side,has it ever been said that we want "better than the rest". Did we see things go down in the national contract that we want to avoid? Yes,but so would all of you if the tables were turned. If someone walked up and hit the guy in front of you with a bat and then turned to you would you (A) think "It`s in my best interest to not get hit with that bat, or (B) think "hey they got it. we should take it too" All silliness aside most of what we are trying to do is close the loopholes the company used against us in the last contract and reject the absolutely absurd stuff they want. 40 hour workweek in non consecutive days and loss of seniority if you go on comp or fmla. the latter part concerning fmla is actually a violation of federal law and they think they can put it in a contract.

    As far as having the rest of the company go on strike to get what we want,hell,we don't want OURSELVES to go on strike much less anyone else. We did the continue to work under the old contract stuff in the past and all the company did was drag it out for months while they monkey around at the negotiating table. This time we are telling them that it`s not happening this time. As far as what we want out of the rest of you it`s nothing more than the support we would give you in the same situation. I challenge anyone under the national to dig in the posts from when you were negotiating your contract and find ANY posts by a member of the 705 that tells you guys to "take what they`re offering" or "we still work if you walk" kind of post like we have gotten from some. anyone who thinks that in my opinion is wrong.

    If you feel you`ve have a strong reason to cross a picket line then do so. But when the time for a raise comes don`t stick out your hand. When a family member gets sick don't reach for that insurance card. when you retire don't look for that pension check. You can`t enjoy the benefits of a unions work if you don't stand up for it`s principals.
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    I think some people are jealous 705 stood up and got more then them, they preach equality out of one side of their mouth and the other side is silent about their supplement that gives them advantages over other UPSers. Would all of you give up your supplement language for the sake of equality? If 705 was under the NMA they would have a better supplement than you instead of a better contract and you would still whine. They got it because they stood up and took it, don't sit around and do nothing for your local and complain about those that did and got more for it.
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    So don't expect me to walk when UPS doesn't want to give you as much as you think you deserve this time around.
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    That would be known as wanting something better then the rest. Asking for a dollar a year when the national got 75 would be wanting better then the rest. If you go through the Unions contract demands you can find quite a few requests to do better then the rest. Its there in black and white. Otherwise there is no reason to have seperate negotiations. A national contract with a local 705 or chicago supplement would cover it all.

    In any case soon this soap opera will end. Lookatme 705 will then market the point that they drove the company to its knees with its hard ball negotiating tactics and You and Red will crow about how your union did so much better.
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    Their not jealous that combo workers are doing feeder work. Thats like a roughneck running around in a skirt. :happy-very:
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    You have this recurring theme about men in womens clothing.

    You state that we ASKED for $1 while the national GOT $.75. May be someone could let us know what they ASKED for before they reached an agreement on $.75. We asked for a $1 the company offered $.30.

    Show me any form of negotiating,union contract or other, that doesn`t start out with some high or low offer that eventually meets in the middle.
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    Tie we asked for a dollar yes as our first offer, what did the national ask for? The company offered 30 cents, now ask yourself what is closer to the nationals? The unions offer was closer and ups's was insulting!

    Tie if this gets settled before a strike i promise you that you wont see me posting how we punished the company!
  13. ogrelord

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    75 cents? try 35 cents and a chance to get the other .35 if everything else holds up.
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    You trying to say the company has reneged on making these pay raises?
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    Asking for a $1 payraise is not unreasonable. $1 is a continuation of the previous contract's raises. The NMA sold us out to the .70 cent payraise. I don't think 705 is wrong to ask for more than what is in the national, since they don't need a pension bailout like the national did.

    I can't believe people are saying 705 should accept a crappy contract just because the rest of the country had to accept a crappy sellout of a contract.

    I'm beginning to think that some of the people on this site who claim to be drivers are really management people sent here to spread gray propaganda.
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    no, i'm not saying that at all. it's not a 70 cent raise. some one did the math and would work out to a 52 cent raise, over the corse of the year. now what would be the raise if was 15 cent and 15 cents? something like 22 cent raise?

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    You did say you did not want better then the rest. If thats the case then why didn't your guys just say hey look we'll take the nma on these issues and put them down quickly?

    Why you ask tie:

    We'll shucks that simple.

    we want to grandstand . we want to get our members and the whole entire country in an uproar.

    We wanna say "hey world look at me"

    "We is special"

    Flash news report from local 710 negotiations - folks this is your contract new reporter reporting there have been no absolutely 0 personality conflicts reported at these negotiations. Now back to your favorite 705 soap opera.:happy-very:
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    economy is also tanking and other companies are laying of tens of thousands of people but hey shoot for the moon its your soap opera.

    Meanwhile back at 710 headquarters - crickets chirping.
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    35 plus 35 equals 52 cents Ogre? And you're posting dilbert to me?

    Meanwhile back at 710 headquaters we have some activity to report as it appears lunch has been delivered. Now back to your favorite 705 soap opera.
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    Actually I think the crickets chirping are for your stale routine. Maybe when your in town you can swing by Zanees on N. Wells and polish it up between shifts.